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  1. There is no one available that we could get short-term (that we know of) that would be worth trading for. Eli Manning makes no sense. He's barely an upgrade over Brissett if he is at all and is old and doesn't know the playbook (and yes I realize you aren't advocating for him). If Brissett and Kelly both crash and burn this season you just ride it out to the draft next year when you can either get a great draft pick or really explore trading for someone that maybe just needs a change of scenery and could at least be very good if not elite (maybe a Derek Carr?). Right now those don't seem to be on the radar so I think you stick with what you got and hope for the best. Like you, here's to hoping Brissett (and/or Kelly) pans out and the issue is moot.
  2. I am interested to see what happens at the QB position. It is Brissett's to lose - but I think Kelly is going to push him because sadly I expect JB to be underwhelming when it is all said and done. Hope I am wrong. However, even is JB plays well I think sneaking into the playoffs is the absolute ceiling. But yes with zero expectations comes a sense of relief.
  3. I think he might be slightly better than Brissett is right now. Not enough for this to be worth doing and giving something up for a guy who is right at the very end of his career, however. Not to mention he would not know the playbook. Roll with Brissett. If he is underwhelming see what Kelly has. If Kelly is underwhelming then draft a QB this upcoming draft. Eli would be nothing but a "feel good" story of a Manning being back in Lucas Oil to help those nostalgic people cope with Luck checking out. It is one of those things that is dumb enough I won't be shocked if the Colts do it though.
  4. Houston is the clear front runner because they have the best QB and best WR group. Defense has aged somewhat but is still very solid. Watson isn't elite but I would say he's very good. He has had some injury issues himself though. I would put Jags next given they added Foles and you would expect their D to have a bounce back year from 2017-18 when they were so dominant. I would say I think we are better than Tennessee for the #3 spot.
  5. Mahomes had an outstanding year last year in his first full year of starting. We need to see how he does this year with a full year of tape out here. Hard to argue with the season he had last year. But honestly would be surprised if he puts that up again this year - not that I don't think he will still have a good season. I, for one, am not ready to concede he is better than Luck just off of last year, although I think he is very good bare minimum.
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