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  1. There is no one available that we could get short-term (that we know of) that would be worth trading for. Eli Manning makes no sense. He's barely an upgrade over Brissett if he is at all and is old and doesn't know the playbook (and yes I realize you aren't advocating for him). If Brissett and Kelly both crash and burn this season you just ride it out to the draft next year when you can either get a great draft pick or really explore trading for someone that maybe just needs a change of scenery and could at least be very good if not elite (maybe a Derek Carr?). Right now those don't seem to be
  2. I am interested to see what happens at the QB position. It is Brissett's to lose - but I think Kelly is going to push him because sadly I expect JB to be underwhelming when it is all said and done. Hope I am wrong. However, even is JB plays well I think sneaking into the playoffs is the absolute ceiling. But yes with zero expectations comes a sense of relief.
  3. I think he might be slightly better than Brissett is right now. Not enough for this to be worth doing and giving something up for a guy who is right at the very end of his career, however. Not to mention he would not know the playbook. Roll with Brissett. If he is underwhelming see what Kelly has. If Kelly is underwhelming then draft a QB this upcoming draft. Eli would be nothing but a "feel good" story of a Manning being back in Lucas Oil to help those nostalgic people cope with Luck checking out. It is one of those things that is dumb enough I won't be shocked if the
  4. Houston is the clear front runner because they have the best QB and best WR group. Defense has aged somewhat but is still very solid. Watson isn't elite but I would say he's very good. He has had some injury issues himself though. I would put Jags next given they added Foles and you would expect their D to have a bounce back year from 2017-18 when they were so dominant. I would say I think we are better than Tennessee for the #3 spot.
  5. Mahomes had an outstanding year last year in his first full year of starting. We need to see how he does this year with a full year of tape out here. Hard to argue with the season he had last year. But honestly would be surprised if he puts that up again this year - not that I don't think he will still have a good season. I, for one, am not ready to concede he is better than Luck just off of last year, although I think he is very good bare minimum.
  6. Cleveland managed to win more than one game in a season last year for the first time in three years and suddenly they are the favorites in many people's eyes to win a division they haven't won in like two decades. Makes sense.
  7. As an avid Spartan fan I found it humorous how everyone was dogging my boy Khari Willis. Can't wait for him to prove everyone wrong. He is one of those guys that is always in the right place at the right time and was the heart and soul of one of the best defenses (not named Bama or Clemson) in the nation last year in the college ranks. Won't be shocked when he is starting by the end of the season next year.
  8. So they win two SBs with McDaniels and some other fans of other teams have a suspicion the Colts maybe, possibly, could have cheated to do it? Sign me up!!
  9. Assuming every roster is completely healthy (this is mostly about Luck and Watson though), I agree with others the Titans are definitely in last. I think the other three almost become a toss-up. Jacksonville has the best roster outside of QB, Houston has probably the next best roster with the second-best quarterback, Colts have best QB but the least talented roster otherwise of these three teams. Hard to really put one over the other.
  10. Probably more like poor circulation rather than "no blood flow." Unless it is just a dead piece of meat hanging off of his body at this point.
  11. Can a contract be signed by McDaniels prior to NE's playoff run ending so that he is locked up and can't be flirting with other teams (or deciding to stay put)? If not, this would seem to be a very risky move on Ballard's part to take McDaniels at his word that he wants to come coach here and having to wait until after NE is out of the playoffs. NE is more than likely going to be at least in the AFCCG or even the SB. By that point, if he got cold feet or went elsewhere the Colts would be in a very tough spot coaching-wise. I think McDaniels is probably the best candidate out there
  12. Pagano has more than earned being fired at this point. Some improvement on defense is not enough to save his job. The number of in-game coaching blunders and blown leads in just this year alone are enough for him to be shown the door in light of the last few years of the team fizzling. Sure, bad drafting and Luck's injury status have made things more difficult, but the aforementioned things are independent of that. Those are directly attributable to the HC and shouldn't happen. IMO, only way Pagano is back is if he somehow gets the Colts into the playoffs this year, which is lookin
  13. Can't believe how obsessed people are getting with being okay with trading Hilton. The roster outside of him, Luck, and a few others is completely devoid of talent, but we are still willing to get rid of him? That'd be a great move! And also, people already getting on Ballard about the 2017 draft class -- most picks below the 3rd round typically are not going to be difference makers. Not sure why people are being hard on him about rounds 4 and later. The only one you can MAYBE give Ballard some flack on is Basham. Basham so far does not look that great, but he is transitioning from
  14. I'll join the others asking for Jim Bob Cooter. Not only does he have a great name, but the guy has done great things in Detroit the last few seasons despite not having a plethora of talent on that side of the ball. It is a pass-friendly offense that I think Luck would be great in. Now I would love Harbaugh too, but he isn't leaving Michigan UNLESS they lose to Ohio State again this year. That would mean he was 1-5 versus MSU and OSU since he has gone to Michigan with zero Big 10 titles much less national championships. I think he will be ready to come back to the NFL at that point
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