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  1. Agree with everything you say. I guess what I was trying to convey is that I think doing something like the 76ers are doing, where you intentionally embrace a culture of losing, can have a negative impact on the whole franchise, which I think has definitely happened to them. And I am not suggesting that the OP was saying that the Colts should do that. I do think that putting 3rd and 4th string players out in starting positions is trending towards that same type of mentality, however, which I think the Colts should avoid. You're essentially telling the team you've mailed in the season as far as
  2. The Colts already have gotten flak (wrongfully so IMO) for the "suck for Luck" a few years ago. Doing something like this would essentially seal our fate as a franchise that tries to lose at times. I think the overall effect would be potentially disastrous to the franchise, despite me understanding to a certain extent why you would want to do it. Installing a mentality that it is okay to lose, however, is never a good idea. That cloud can hang over a franchise. Look at the 76ers in the NBA. They're definitely on the extreme, but are proof that doing something like that never works.
  3. He's arguably been the only bright spot on an otherwise disappointing season. We finally found a returner after five years. He could still take a knee once in awhile, but he definitely seems to have the instincts needed to run effectively on returns, and hasn't muffed any punts that I can remember. That is an improvement over everyone else we have had back there over the last few years.
  4. It is hard to lay everything at Grigson's feet. He is partly responsible, but not completely. Pagano was brought in as a "defensive guru" 4 years ago. The defense is arguably worse now than it was 4 years ago. Part of that is Grigson's fault for not drafting worth a crap, but part of it is definitely falling on Pagano as well. Whether that is because he chose a lackluster DC or not, Pagano has to take some of the blame, and he will not be coaching here next year because of it.
  5. This has been tough for Chud -- I don't think it falls squarely on him when he is running another guy's offense. What I do find perplexing is how multiple times it seems MH is not on the same page as his receivers. These are all veterans who should know the correct routes. I think it happened multiple times yesterday with MH to Moncrief and maybe once to Hilton. It makes sense that the delay of game penalties could partly be attributed by the Chud-Clyde-MH play-calling pipeline, but even then it seems strange that MH would not know where the play clock is.
  6. I don't disagree that I think we will lose the last two games -- I think we will lose both of them anyway (not that they are unwinnable -- neither Miami or Tenn. are world-beaters), but I actually think that Whitehurst actually gives us a better chance to win at this point than MH does. MH is so beat up and there is now plenty of game film on him that teams have caught up to him and understand he can't throw down the field. When MH came back in yesterday in the 4th, I was actually wondering if we would have been better off had the Colts kept Charlie in since he was so much more mob
  7. John Harbaugh is a no brainer if he Ravens were crazy enough to let him go. He would easily be the top choice. Problem is the Ravens aren't that dumb. Unless something crazy happens and John Harbaugh is available, I'd like Cowher. Proven track record and a no nonsense coach. Not sure what his interest level is. McDaniels is kind of intriguing, but his previous HC experience makes me nervous.
  8. The problem with T.Y. is that I think the talent is there for him to be a #1 receiver, but he is so inconsistent game to game. I don't have any numbers in front of me, but it seems like one week he will have 100 receiving yards with a TD, and the next 1 catch for 12 yards. Your #1 needs to have a higher "floor" than that. He also definitely disappears at times which is not a trait you want in a #1. As far as whether he is worth the money, it is hard to say at this point when Luck has been out for so much of the season and is able to utilize TY much more effectively than MH.
  9. It's easy to think the way you do if all you do is look at his overall record. But take a look at LSU's games, specifically the offense the last few years, and you'll see a team with a lot of talent that has no business struggling to score the way it does. Hence my "underachieving" label for Miles (which I believe to be true and which I think a lot of other college football fans would agree) and the reason for not wanting him to be the Colts coach. I do agree with your overall point that he shouldn't be getting forced out with the record he has, but I don't believe he is an elite coach and t
  10. No, besides to my knowledge having zero NFL experience, the guy has underachieved for a number of seasons now with LSU. He did win one title at the NCAA level, but I don't think that is enough to think he is going to come in and take the Colts to the next level.
  11. It is clear Luck is dealing with some confidence issues at this point. He looked very uncomfortable in the pocket yesterday especially against the blitz. I agree with the idea of going to a short passing game as the Colts with MH did against the Texans, but I have little faith that will happen. As someone else said, this offense doesn't seem to have an identity right now. Pep Hamilton seems to want the Colts offense to be a vertical passing attack, which is so far from his roots at Stanford it is borderline mind-boggling. It also is not a type of offense that functions very well in the NFL on
  12. TY is definitely inconsistent, which is probably his biggest weakness at this point in his career. He will go from 150 receiving yards and 2 TDs one week to 1 reception for 7 yards the next. But this move has a greater chance of hurting our team than it does helping IMO. I would be against it at this point but an interesting idea nonetheless.
  13. Pep has been mediocre to awful from day 1 on the job. The offense immediately took a couple of steps back in year 1 with him at the helm from where it was with Arians. He was brought it to install a west-coast style of offense to minimize the hits on Luck that still utilized some of Arians' own longer passing schemes (remember Pep's own words calling his offense the "No-Coast Offense" on an account of the blending of the two?). Instead, Luck has continued to get nailed at the highest rate in football, and we have also lost the ingenuity of Arians plays and play-calling in the process, being re
  14. I don't think Pagano is going anywhere before the end of the year. However, it would be nice to see Pep gone tomorrow and to see what Chud can do at OC. I think this move is actually fairly realistic except for the fact we keep hearing Pagano doesn't have control over his own staff personnel decisions and that Pep might be Grigson's pet. The entire team is a mess at this point...but I think Pep has been the biggest issue and is a logical starting place to make a change. See if it gives the offense a much needed spark. Heck, I would even take Clyde Christensen being promoted to OC over having
  15. I disagree. The NFL is about what you do in the playoffs. Cincy hasn't done jack in the playoffs, and Dalton has been incredibly underwhelming in postseason play. Cincy has also had hot starts in the regular season the last couple of years. No reason right now to believe it will be different come this January.
  16. This has made me "lol" a couple of times now. Thank you.
  17. He certainly should have been in on the last play of the 1st half in the Texans-Colts game.
  18. Not sure. But all indications have seemed to be that Pagano is the one who is in trouble -- not Grigson.
  19. If Big Ben can come back at around 100% then the Steelers will be the clear cut #2 to me in the AFC. Bengals have done this the past few seasons now -- hot start followed by a flame-out in the playoffs. Until they show they can win a playoff game I don't think they deserve to be mentioned as AFC contenders regardless of what their seed ends up being. I think the Steelers and perhaps the Chargers (if they can get in to the playoffs) are the main threats to NE winning the AFC. The Broncos offense just cannot move the ball well enough and I think NE specifically is equipped to handle a defense
  20. Wasn't Pagano already in "hot water"? Unless he is going to be canned later today this is nothing new. I doubt anything happens until the offseason.
  21. I feel like we've all had this conversation for the last three years about how "this is the year Cincy finally does it." Yes, their roster is loaded (as it's been the last few years), but until Cincy actually wins a playoff game they don't deserve to be in the conversation for winning the AFC despite how much the media is gushing over them right now.
  22. I see what you're saying. But on the other hand, 7-9 may get our division winner into the playoffs (although 8-8 is probably more likely), so perhaps not.
  23. Next week's home game against the Saints is a big one. I won't say "must win" this early in the season -- especially with how bad our division is -- but with how tough the upcoming schedule is, if the Colts lost to an average Saints squad at home they may have to steal one somewhere else.
  24. Agreed. But the Colts haven't been at their best this entire season.
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