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  1. Frank Gore.$ 4 mil/yr. That stud did not come here for 8 carries a game. He was without a doubt the angriest man in the locker room, and rightfully so. He stonewalled the Eagles to come here, remember? You feed that man, then feed him some more. 10/11 yrs of 1000 yds. You gonna get that with 8 carries a game? Really? What's the point and who is calling the shots? 15 first half carries for him, and it,s game on . Pep, can you even think about designing plays that take advantage of your teams strengths, with a full out blitz on every single play in the first half. Ever heard of a quick slant wit
  2. With Reche Caldwell a very close second. Ben Stiller wins the bronze. Dodgeball anyone?
  3. Snoop Dog wins running away.
  4. Coffeedrinker, thanks for the kind words. I've lurked around on here for years, and have enjoyed your sense of humor, and your knowledge of the game. Just looking too help a fellow fan out. Looking back I've been really lucky to attend as long as I have. Way too many good stories to post in 1 thread, so I won't. Valpo, I posted what I did earlier too cater to you and your family. Lawn chairs and blanket won't fly in front of the bleachers, but there is ample room on the north side of the practice field. You won't be as close to the field, but your comfort level with 2 toddlers would be good.
  5. I think I can give you some insight on TC practices. Parking is $5 to park at the University lot. 1/4 mile walk at most to get to Colts City. They will have inflatables, cheerleaders, giveaways, etc. The walk to the practice field is another couple hundred yards or so. There is plenty of room to throw down lawn chairs and a blanket, with ample room to roam, NE side of practice field. I would expect practices through the week will be lightly attended, as school will have already started there. You'll be fine taking bottled water in with you, just no cooler. This will be my son and mines 14th ye
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