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  1. If we can sign him for 1 year, then I'm all for it.
  2. My friend is a diehard Ravens fan so I have watched a lot of ravens games, so I've seen Pagano's D. I like Chuck Pagano as a DC but I don't think he is quite ready to take the job as a HC just yet, unless, we hire an excellent OC. We've hired Bruce Arian as our new OC. I think he's a good OC but not an excellent one. I think overall hiring is just too much of gamble by JI (rookie HC, above average OC, average DC, and so on) to take, and he is not an *. So, these hiring moves by JI led me to believe that he is really thinking of PM coming back as a colt next year as his #1 option. If this were
  3. Some guys here talk about PM like he's just some superstar in sports world. PM is a mega-supertar, he's a Michael Jordan of NFL. The way he prepares and plays the game is just amazing. If MJ never played for the Bulls, the Bulls probably relocated 2~3 times already. And losing PM won't do any good for the Colts organization, especially marketing wise. Also, am I the only person who think that we can still be successful even if we don't pick Luck? If PM is healthy, and he is cleared by doctors to play football again, he can probably play for about at least two more years at a high level. I trul
  4. I think we need to think about all of the possibilities out there, but reading the posts for couple days, it seems like a lot of people wants to start over with Luck. Colts' options are: 1. Draft Luck and have him sit behind Manning for 1 or 2 years. 2. Trade Manning and draft Luck (more than 90% chance that this will not happen) 3. Release Manning and Start fresh with Luck 4. Keep Manning (IF healthy) and trade picks for future picks I think option #1 and #2 is highly unlikely. #3 is what a lot of people are saying on this forum, not too many people are discussing option #4 and I'm just curio
  5. Good point, Jets are a great example of team that is qb away from being a superbowl contender. I just thought that we can be different because we can groom a qb under Manning. And I say Manning will be more willing to teach someone knowing that he can still be a starter until his contract expires. As much as I hate to pass on Luck, I would hate even more seeing Peyton being let go by the team this way. I wouldn't trade our 1st pick overall for little in return, but I think it's definately something to be considered if we can pull a 3-1st rd picks or 2-1st rounders coupled with few early round
  6. How about this... IF Peyton Manning is healthy, I say we can try to trade the first round pick to a team in desperate needs for (i.e. Washington Redskins) for mutiple first round picks for future years. Dan Snyder is the next Al Davis and we might be able to pull a great deal. And even if Luck turns out to be great, he would be in the NFC, so I don't think it would hurt us that bad. And Washington is in a pretty tough division and still have to face giants, cowboys, and eagles twice a year so we would have chance to have high draft picks for future year. We can start rebuilding for the post-Ma
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