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  1. 1. Sign Trent Williams-LT for 2 / 28 (We can draft a LT next yr. I just think we need a proven LT considering Wentz injury history) 2. Re-Sign TY if the price tag is cheap. I personally think TY and Wentz can be a good QB-WR duo. 3. Re-Sign Autry or Houston for cheap 4. Draft shutdown CB with 1st rd pick and draft a pass rusher with 2nd rd.
  2. I'm okay with the trade. He's a proven MVP-type player, if he can stay healthy. I would prefer drafting a QB, but it would cost us more draft picks to move up to get Trey Lance. And I never liked Darnold trade. Yes, we can get him for cheap salary but he is way more risky than Wentz to me. Now that we have a QB, I hope we can sign a LT, pref. Trent Williams for short term patch and draft a CB or Pass Rusher with our 1st pick!!
  3. I can try to understand everything except the 2nd half challenge...that cost us 1 timeout which could've been used on the last drive....im heart broken righ tnow...
  4. If we can sign him for 1 year, then I'm all for it.
  5. I've always thought that Luck was never in elite level, mentality-wise. He just seemed too nice of a guy to be the best of the bests like Peyton, TB, MJ, Kobe, etc...
  6. If I remember correctly, I read an article long time ago that Doug Pederson was calling all the plays for the Eagles last year.
  7. I'm still salty over Colts vs Saints Superbowl. They should not be allowed to onside kick 1st and 2nd half kickoff because it was decided by a coin toss.
  8. Kneeling on national anthem is getting ridiculous day after day. I want to ask theses people if they know what even started this. I'm pretty sure they don't even care about that now.
  9. Obvious is to protect Andrew Luck. But I think another reason is to preserve Luck's shoulder and slowly bring it back to form. I think we are going to see a lot of running and short passes in the game and eat the clock with running in the end. So, in that sense, I think our plan on drafting guards early in the draft look really good. I still wish we would've draft CB at some point in the draft but oh well, we will see if there are any releases post-draft and may be, just may be, they still have high hopes on T.J. freaking Green. lol
  10. may be FO still has high hopes on t.j. green? if he is not released..
  11. yeah, still cant believe they picked baker mayfield was their first choice lol
  12. i wish landry will fall to us but giants need a pass rusher and brown can also take a pass rusher as well...
  13. i was more upset with broncos(elway) taking away bradley chubb, but i like the nelson pick. i am more excited about day 2 draft. i think we can land joshua jackson, whom i really really like, and rb or olb/wr, i prefer nick chubb, landry or sutton
  14. i wish for a cb and rb. if joshua jackson and nick chubb can fall to us....i will be damn happy.
  15. hey guys, kind of off topic but is there any good podcast or youtube channel that you guys listen or watch on colts news and updates? they dont have to be well known, but with good contents and deep analysis. thanks.
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