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Colts trade Jerry Hughes for Kelvin Sheppard



Colts got rid of Jerry Hughes in a usually rare player for player trade, I thought he improved quite a bit last year.....With the addition of Werner he becomes expendable, I thought it was funny NFL.com was saying Bills got a explosive situational pass rusher and the Colts got more size. Sheppard is 6-2 244 and Hughes is 6-2 254 Sheppard is technically smaller, but either way I think it is a great trade. Werner will get his snaps and Sheppard will get his, I think he fits in this defense a little better then Hughes would have this year....We have a pretty tough schedule this year, so keep on adding to that D. Can't wait for the season.......GO COLTS

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I didn't expect Hughes to make the final cut this year, so from that standpoint this was a very good trade for the Colts.  Hughes did okay playing from Mathis' position, and showed speed, but generally could not overpower anybody.  Sheppard is coming in at the middle linebacker position, so the size comment relates to his size compared to our other middle linebackers - Angerer, Freeman, etc.

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