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This has to be the most disappointing draft in the history of my Indianapolis colts, first round pick was not what we needed, has anyone noticed that we can only shut down one side of the field because we only have one LD corner? We need a LOCKDOWN corner not another defensive end. I understand we parted ways with freeney because we need to think about the future but the front seven doesnt matter if we cant stop the pass. Laron Landry was a solid free agent signing along with heyward-bay but im sure worner or however you spell it will come in handy but we need a CORNERBACK i cant stress it enough. We have 6 safties on the roster and several corners but none that can produce the way vontae davis can. I like the gaurd and center because they younger lucks line is the more production he will have over the next decade. Really? We seriously just drafted another safety, WE HAVE 6 ALREADY!!!!!!!! C'mon man!!! I am behind the team fans and organization but mark my words Tyrann Mathieu who no one but arizona would take a chance on him will have a very good dominant career with two of his teammates from LSU. I am looking forward to this coming season but with all safties and one true LD corner our ability in the postseason will be limited no matter how much production our offense gets, it is unfair to our offense to not fill the SKILL positions but GO COLTS!!!!! I love ya!!


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I get hyped for the draft too, but we have to be realistic here. We didn't have a whole bunch of picks this year precisely because we got Vontae Davis last year. He WAS our 2nd round pick and I feel pretty good about that. The Khaled Holmes pick was the only question mark for me, but I have since learned that his play this past year was substandard because of a lingering injury. Let's hope that was the reason, because his 2012 tape really sucked. Overall I'm pretty happy with our picks. We're gonna be big, tough, and nasty this year.

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