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Mannning/luck = Unitas/morrall?



With the upcoming draft, and the Colts having the #1 overall pick one thing comes to mind...the battle of the QB. The year was 1968, the Colts still in Baltimore and riding high on the shoulders of All-Star, MVP QB Johnny Unitas. This was the man who brought us back in the "Greatest Game Ever Played", our knight in shining armor. Cut to the final preseason game, and Unitas goes down suffering from an injury to his elbow. Not known at the time, Unitas would not ever be the same player again. The Colts use their backup QB, Earl Morrall, to finish up the season and he takes the team on a 13-1 ride, leaving many fans thinking, Johnny who? Morrall ends up being named All-Pro and receiving the MVP Award. Could this be happening? Has someone stepped up and taken over the reigns from Mr. Unitas? Say it ain't so! Unitas would eventually come back and take over the starting position, although without the spark he had before his injury. However, he did lead the Colts to a Super Bowl Victory over the Cowboys in Super Bowl V.

Flash forward to 2012, Colts are looking at the first overall pick in the NFL Draft and lo and behold, there happens to be a very elite QB coming out of college by the name of Andrew Luck. Its said he is the most-hyped quarterback coming out of the Draft since John Elway. But wait, we have our very own elite QB in Peyton Manning, right? I mean, this guy brought us out of the loss of hope with our struggling Indianapolis team when he turned around a 3-13 season to go 13-3 the very next. The guy who brought us home the Lombardi Trophy! The main reason we have this beautiful new stadium. A possible big reason that the city of Indianapolis is hosting this year's Super Bowl!

So speculating, what happens now. I want to see Manning in Blue next season. I want to see him sporting those same old horseshoes he's always had. If we draft Luck, where does that leave Manning. Will he stay, will he go. Will we be so lucky as to see another amazing starting QB/backup QB pairing?

Ugh, its just too much to think about as an avid Colts fan, and I'm not still not on that "Luck Bandwagon." I just think it is too much of a good thing that we could walk into drafting another great QB in so little years. I guess only time will tell, and Peyton's health I would think has the most impact on what decision will be made. All I can hope is the right decision is made (and it doesn't turn into a Jeff George scenario all over again), we get back on our road to success, and blissfulness returns to Indy.


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