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If I were the Colts GM, obviously I'd start be re-signing Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis. Wayne is still an able-bodied receiver (even though considered "old" by some) and still has the tenacity you see from young players. His ability to run routes, shake defenders, and be a playmaker is amazing. I'd hate to see us lose him like we did Harrison. As for Mathis, well I just don't think you get as great of numbers from Dwight Freeney unless you have Mathis to compliment him. Mathis equalizes the pressure from the other side so that QBs don't have any way out when being flushed out of the pocket. They are a two-man tandem that would be disastrous if split up. And now to our QB situation: I know most everyone wants to see us use the first round pick on Luck for obvious reasons, but maybe therein lies the problem. Its too obvious as a choice. The last QB with this much hype was Jamarcus Russell and look where that got the Raiders. Luck is a very Manning-esque QB; comfortable in the pocket, highly efficient on his throws, not much of a runner, intelligent on top of athletic. So say we draft him, then we get rid of Peyton (probably to the Redskins) and build the team around this young kid. Do we really think we're going to strike gold twice in the matter of 14 years? My thoughts are no. So case in point, why not go after a non-conventional QB that can completely revamp our offensive scheme and playbook? Why not do something that has NEVER been done in Indy, but could benefit the team? I say trade our 1st pick to the VIkings for their 1st, 2nd & 3rd round picks for this year, and their first pick for next year and let them draft Luck and we go after RGIII. He's completely different than what we've ever had, and with Peyton still there, he can work on his passing game. Say Manning is healthy, he plays most of the game, but we can throw RGIII in there for some wildcat style plays. Another thing I would try and revamp is our secondary. Don't get me wrong, Bethea is AMAZING (especially in Sunday's game when he STOOD UP Jones-Drew), but he can't do it by himself. We need some hard hitting, fast, quick thinking DBs & Safeties. Someone with Bob Sanders style, minus the injuries, that can help plug the holes so we can stop the run game. Just some of my thoughts:)

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I love the idea of trading the first overall pick so that it will actually really benefit us. I'd prefer if we take Griffin over Luck, and if we can trade the first overall pick to better our team and still get the player we want, that is awesome!

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