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  1. I was at both the Texans and Titans games and it was absolutely crazy how loud that place was. I have been to at least two games a year since I can remember and the Titans game last year was the loudest I've ever heard it. It was a great first-game for my then-5 year old son to remember!
  2. All of them!!! I only went to two home games last year. I took my son to the game against Tennessee (our first win) and went to the Thurday night game against Houston (2nd win). I'm going to carry over my "luck" to see Mr. Luck in all 8 home games so we can at least finish the season 8-8.
  3. GREAT blog! And I stress the "great." Truly informative for those that don't know what a 3/4 hybrid defense entails. I think our defense will be exciting to watch this year and I'm very anxious to see how well Mathis and Freeney adjust to their new roles. With their talent, I see them having no problem!
  4. Now you're talking about two separate things. It's different wishing Peyton well in his future career than to say you now have a 2nd team to root for. The thread is titled "Are the Broncos Your Second Team Now," not "Will You Continue to Support Peyton." For any Colts fan to say they would not like Peyton to do well is absurd considering all he has done for the team/organization/city. However, if he faces the Colts in the playoffs this year, in no way shape nor form will I be rooting for he and the Broncos to win. People are just acting like no team has ever had their star player be traded/rel
  5. If the Colts left Indianapolis, I would follow that organization to whichever city they choose to move to. Just like my grandpa did when they moved the first time.
  6. 2nd team? Seriously? Uh, no. I root for the Colts and only the Colts regardless of who a former Colts player plays for. 2nd team? C'mon MAN!!!!
  7. That was one thing that upset me the most at the Colts/Jets game in 2009. Sure, Painter was a horrible QB, but he was thrust into a situation beyond his control and all he could hear was the entire stadium booing. Regardless of the fact they weren't booing him, more of booing the decision to pull the starters with an undefeated season on the line, it had to play with the rookie's mind.
  8. Well I can't say I always change the channel. Love me some old school American Gladiators with Csonka! lol
  9. Adam Schefter reported a little bit ago that Peyton personally called Miami and told them he would not be signing with them.
  10. Agreed. Just love seeing Mercury Morris in interviews anytime a team goes undefeated deep in a season and all he can do is completely bad mouth that team. Seriously?!?
  11. I was at that game and I too was heartbroken to see Polian make the decision to pull the starters. (Additionally heartbroken because we got in a wreck on the drive home). Not every NFL fan can remember who won the Super Bowl every year, but 99% of fans can tell you the 1972 Dolphins were the only team to go undefeated EVER. That's one of the records that should always try to be reached.
  12. CLARIFICATION: Jim (not Robert) is the owner of the team. Robert passed away in the '90s. Robert was the one who made the decision to move the team to Indy.
  13. Agree with you. I'd have a lot more respect for these people bashing the Colts if they'd just come out and say "I am a Peyton Manning fan." Unfortunately, it's these "fans" that give the rest of us a bad rap. I became a fan when we acquired Dickerson (I was 5) and will continue to be a fan.
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