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Mona Miller Ʊ


blog-0227699001356385017.gifMerry Christmas :coltslogo: Family! :blueshoe:

Just wanted to let you know that I'm heading to Indy for the game this weekend and a whole group of Colts fans will be meeting up at the Convention Center for the #CHUCKSTRONG #FANMOB. We will be walking from Georgia and Capitol to Lucas Oil Stadium rep'n for Coach Pagano and our beloved Colts. We'll have these beautiful foam fingers and orange ribbons so we can welcome Coach back in style! Please message me if you would like more info. I hope to see you there!!! :number1: LET'S GO COLTS!!!

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This is awesome and so great of you to organize a Fanmob for Coach Pagano.


I can't be there :(, but I do hope that you will have some pics to post of the mob. 

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Brrrrrrr, it's gonna be 28 degrees, not sure if this AZ girl can handle it! You don't have to have tickets to the game to come out for the #FANMOB! The more the merrier and warmer!!! LOL.  Well, I'll be out there in my orange Colts hunting cap my husband got me for Christmas!  Hope to see you  there and I will definitely post lots of pictures!  Stay safe and warm folks!

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