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Colts vs Titans 12/9



Started slow.....but ended STRONG

Watching the Colts take the field is like nothing else, watching them grow every game...good and bad is completely worth the trial and errors we live through with them.

Quick pass to Reggie in the 1st quarter was beautiful for TD!

2nd quarter was rough to watch but still work in progress and seeing who clicks with who is a learning game. O-line needs to work on blocking, Luck being sacked 4 times is getting to become a habit and need to be broke quickly. Thankfully Luck can take a hit and get back up to make plays.

Whatever happens during halftime keep it up because the Colts come on the field with determination and the crowd just fueled the fire. Carter way to break through and hit the end zone!!! Beautiful kick McAfee setting up the defensive to make a game changing play.... Vaughn intercepted for a 3 * TD!!! For the lead. Defensive kept it together leaving only a field goal left for the Titans in the 4th. Vinatieri like money in the bank for 9 points. Vaughn lead with tackles on defense, with Davis following with a sack.

What a great game!!! Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play, ChuckStrong Loud and Proud 12th Men and Women!!!

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Like I said the other day Nadine, if you don't see me around you know where im at. Dead.

Deep yoga breathing!

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