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Midseason Awards!



blog-0603929001352342654.jpgI am loving it, been saying for a while that RG3 is getting a lot of hype.. He really reminds me of a young Vick.. He is exciting and explosive at the run but, he has been overshadowing my boy Andy Luck.. Yep that's right, good ole' Andy.. He is one nice guy.. I have watched all his post-game interviews and the guy is a really humble dude. He has extreme football awareness and like Coach Arians said, he can't throw guys off like Big Ben but he is a big guy and is very hard to tackle. Just a very unique player/person. Well most polls are showing Andrew Luck as the mid-season rookie of the year! I love it. Don't get me wrong guys I am a football fan. Best of luck to RG3 but I think Andrew Luck is really stating why he was the number 1 pick!
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