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OHHH we're half way there!



blog-0343567001354432999.jpgWell folks, we are half way through the season. 5-3 is not at all what I expected. Let alone the come from behind wins we have put up. Not sure if it's because the Colts are motivated by Chuck's attitude, or that they are just ChuckStrong! Avery is having a pretty good year, along with the frequently targeted Wayne. Wayne is all over the field and I tell you what, this is a fun team to watch. Everyone knows that RG3 and Luck will be compared for a long while, but I am tired of seeing Griffin being called the better QB/player. The Colts are 5-3 while the Redskins have a crummy record of 3-6! Luck has proven himself already with the never give up attitude and a great rookie year so far. He is also very smart and knows when to run and takes care of his body. This is all on a team with practically no run game in the first half of Colts football. We all saw that Cam Newton could put on an explosive show, but look at his rookie year compared to this one? Griffin hasn't shown perfection. Regardless of stats, Luck is playing more solid football! If you look at Stats alone Manning will go down as one of the greatest though he only has one ring.. So give the stats to RG3, I will take the wins!

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