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Jericho Style!



blog-0039289001353093232.jpgAlright guys, we are sitting pretty at 6-3 right now, 5th seeded playoff team.. Where do we go from here? We have an intense match-up Sunday against our rival New England Patriots, so what can we do to survive? Our D has got to be on it. They will be missing the 12th man for this game, so we all need to do what we can from home. SO I PROPOSE we all go outside when our defense is on the field and scream our support!!! Maybe if we all scream loud enough we will crumble the walls of Gillette Stadium!! Just playing guys, so nobody get themselves sick from the cold and come crying to me! haha

The Colts have to play pretty flawless. We can't afford to give-up the ball, and we need some takeaways! I am not too worried about the Patriots passing defense as Luck is pretty darn good lately on 3rd and long situation. We need to get running hard and early. If we can move the ball on the ground I think we can win.

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