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1st half grades-defense



DL-Redding has been a huge plus with his experience in the league and the 3-4, most of this unit has missed games and much like the O-line hasn't played many games together, hopefully Chapman will be activated and should be a major player in the rotation..grade-D

OLB-with Freeney and Mathis both missing time, the void has been noticable, Hughes has done a good job when called on...grade-C

ILB- probably the deepest position on the team, Freemen has played at a pro bowl level, Angerer is just now getting back to 100%, Conner is a quality player, Fokou has looked good, in a limited role........grade-A

CB- Powers started out the year on a roll and has come back down to earth, Davis hasn't been able to stay healthy, Vaughn has looked good filling in.......grade-C-

S- Bethea is and has always been the glue and is having a good year, Zbikowski is adequate, I really expected a little more from this position-C

overall- started out the year a little rough, the pass rush has been lacking with the 2 pro bowlers not being on the field together, much like the past teams, they have been playing the bend but don't break role...grade-D+

others- not much to speak of with the coverage and return units, coverage has been decent, the return game..non-existent, the kicking game not near what it should be, Lefeged has excelled............grade-D

conclusion- injuries has really hurt both lines and that affects the entire units, despite the up and down play, they seem to rise to the occasion and get the win, which considering all the changes, which were major and so many young players playing key roles, a 5-3 record is very impressive, there is plenty of room for improvement and the young players should get better each week, staying healthy would be a big plus, with Luck playing at a very high level and even with only 8 games under his belt, he can hold his own beside most of the QB's in this league, right now, the rest of the team just has to keep improving and give him more help, both lines need to stay healthy and that would make each group much better overall.............grade-A

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To win 8 games with this mish mash f talent indeed requires nothing but a A in the conclusion. Add and A+ for teamwork in some very rough times....

I have missed a few blogs I see my friend.....was off of here for awhile.....good assessment Ken!! :) Go Colts.

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