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Colts vs Browns



Better, closer, warmer...

All right, we got the win. It wasn't pretty. It was ugly, brutal. No matter, it's a W.

After I complained about Arians being so complacent and not going for anything or trying to do anything last week, he goes for two 4th downs (one resulted in offside). One of which was with about 5mins to go in the third Q on our OWN 24. Wow. If you didn't know the meaning of ballsy, now you do. We are up 14-13 at the time, it seemed as though Arians had no trust in the defense as Cleveland went down for a TD on the previous drive. I congratulate him on the call, though. If we didn't get it? Hey, we still have Luck and I believe he'd go down the field for the points needed.

Like I said last week, don't conform. That was definitely not conforming.

The offense in the second half was very troubling and our inability to stop Weeden for large portions was disgruntling. But hey! We stepped up huge on stopping the run which I thought we would. Angerer is back and looked good. No Redding this game either which is even better in the long run as he's probably our best DT.

But how about the second half offense? We scored three points in the second half and ended up winning. How often can you say that? It was very similar to the Jags and Vikings game. Almost exact. We scored in the first half and couldn't do anything in the second. We have to solve this problem. Whatever it is. The offense just isn't moving the ball in the second half when leading in the first.

What does everyone think? What needs to happen for us to keep winning games?

I mean, this win was kind of lucky, but kind of not. Browns had it, and let it go. Gordon dropped that TD. Maybe it was ChuckStrong once again.

Definitely need to grab a win against the suddenly hot Titans...

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@Nadine....agreed.....we will take this W and run with it!!

So many last second FGs to go home with our heads between our tails....back to the days of AV with the Pats.....URRRGH...The memories. (bad ones :))

Thanks for the blog....you can come out of the bat cave anytime! :)

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