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Colts vs. Jets



Hey, last week, great win. Good comeback after a terrible start.

Jets game, terrible tackling, terrible run defense, the Jets got five yards on every run. I mean, it wasn't fun to watch.

Second half, we make some stops on defense and then we punt it, two times. Sure, the first punt was needed after intential grounding, but the second punt. Run the ball two times, make good yardage in Jets territory, 4th and 2. Hey, our defense isn't doing anything this week, we can't stop the run, so let's punt it and give it back to them on the 20 so they can run right through us again. Because you know, we thought our run defense would be able to tackle someone. You're down 15 points with 5mins left in third quarter. Opponent territory. You went for it against the Packers last week when it was 0-0 and you didn't get it. Now you don't go for it when you're already down. Change things up, change the momentum. The Jets got a 4th down and 11 and that changed a lot. Do something. You're in a good position. Don't punt it right there

Just like they told Luck last week, don't be a robot. Hey, coaches, don't be robots. Do something new, mix it up.

It's amazing how bad the run defense was. Even in the fourth quarter, you KNOW they are going to run. Oh Okay, 5 yards per carry still, what the heck?

It's about as hard to watch as last year. Except last year we knew we were really bad. Now, we had expectations after last week and we reverted back to 2011 Colts.

Shonn Greene just ran for 160 yards and three TDs against us. I think that says it all. Wow.


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