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The Right Stuff!



What a truly bizarre season 2010 has been.

  • Worst off season EVER (if that’s possible), nothing but CBA stuff
  • Weird pre-season with the Colts winning one @ Bengals. Don’t see that too often.
  • Playoff Dreams DASHED before the season even started (with Manning’s neck surgery)
  • Bob Sanders wearing a Charger uniform. (PAINFUL)
  • Musical Quarterbacks with none of them able to make anything happen until it was far too late for any playoff chances and fans (strangely) rooting for losses in order to gain the #1 draft pick
  • Player after player going down with injury
  • Constant Roster changes… (Props to the fans who knew who all our guys were in any given game. You earned the title DIE HARD COLTS FAN) SERIOUSLY!
  • Talk of trading Manning? WHAT?
  • Fans pitted against players, coaches, the front office, and each other.
  • The media pitted against our coach and FO

We lose 13 games in a row and are humiliated by the Saints on national TV by a 67 – 7 loss in week 7.

Did it have to be the Saints?

Did it have to be SO HUMULIATING?

Did it have to be on National TV?

At my house, we counted the number of times they replayed tape of the Saints SB victory over us………..ugh, with a side of UGH!!!!!!!!! Flashbacks!

Watching the games became excruciating. A comment my nephew made to me while we were watching the Falcons @ Colts game really rang true, “There is nothing worse than watching your team give up

And it did look like they gave up.

All season long, I wondered, “How can this be? How can we be THIS BAD?”. Sure, we lost Manning and and other starters, but seriously………anyone who makes it to the NFL is an elite athlete.

They should be able to win…..or at least be somewhat competitive.

WHY WERE THEY SO COMPLETELY HAPLESS, miserable, woebegone, wretched, forlorn; pathetic, pitiable.

It reminded me of the Titans 6 game losing streak in 2009 that had everyone scratching their heads. How could they go from 13-3 in 2008 to that?

I wondered if I would ever see the bottom reached on just how bad we could be.

We could not score TDs. Fans began to celebrate first downs as though they were TDs

We were record-setting BAD: We went club-record eight straight games without the lead. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, it tied the longest such streak in the NFL's modern era (since 1933). That, my friends…….is some serious badness!

We were like The Replacements……..but without the HEART!

Then, on November 29, just before the Colts played @ Patriots, our Defensive coordinator was fired and we switched QBs.

Dan Orlovsky.? The guy who led the 0-16 Lions? The guy we cut and then resigned this season?

*confused but why not?*

That’s when things got interesting.

Just when most fans had set their hopes on locking up the #1 draft pick and starting a new era………..

In week 15 in a game that appeared to be nothing more than a pillow fight at first……..one thing stood out to me. The Colts had the lead! WHAT?

And while the Titans had handed us our hats in week 8 with a 27-10 loss……..the Colts had their first win of the season 27-13 in week 15!!!!!!!

We beat a team in playoff contention! (Interestingly the last time the Colts won was also against the Titans in January of 2010)

Was the losing streak over?

YES! In the last home game of the season, the Colts win dramatically with a 19-16 victory over The AFC South champion Texans.

Yes we beat the Texans. They did NOT give it to us.

The team that won our season opener this year AND last year………..lost to the ‘Worst Team Imaginable’

But more than that, the Colts did this dramatically with a TD by Reggie Wayne with only 19 seconds remaining.

Wow! THAT is what I’m talking about! The cardiac come from behind Colts MAKE A COMEBACK

I was thinking this morning about the 2009 season and all the heart stopping, come from behind, never say NEVER, Wins the Colts had. And those games, and that grit…………was ended with a loss in which the starters were pulled.

I will admit, I had to be talked off the ledge that night. Talking to my brother on the phone he was like “It’s OK, I see what we’re doing, it makes sense

After calming down, I came to accept the “business of winning’ aspect of the game.

I don’t accept that any more.

The Colts got it done last night and even though it’s too late to do anything but possibly ruin our shot at the #1 draft pick……… the come from behind, do what it takes, cardiac Colts ARE BACK!

This is their greatest come from behind victory ever, turning around the worst season imaginable. THAT, my friends Is the RIGHT Stuff!

I say GO COLTS and BEAT the Jaguars!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one game at a time, next man up kind of stuff is why I watch this team.

Don’t mess with the mojo for any reason.

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We really are the Replacements now!

Cue Gloria Gaynor and let’s line dance! I used to cry but now I hold my head up high!



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you really need to do more blogging maureen, great blog!! i really didnt need to re-live all of that lol

it has been a very tough year, as we all know, but seeing colts football again, these past few weeks has sure taken alot of the sting out of it.

i would love to have the #1 pick, its very rare for a very good team to have an oppurtunity to re stock, but if that doesnt happen, we (still ) will be back......next year!! GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks Ken!

The last time I felt the need to blog about the season as a whole was 2009......and for the opposite reason : )

There is so much frustration........and worse lately

But, for me these last two games have been just the best. Overcoming adversity......surprising everyone.

It's 'Rudy' type stuff. And I love it.

MyColts are getting their act together. Whatever the future brings, whether it be a glorious first round pick.......or a surprising 2nd or 3rd round pick. They will make it work

The 1st round pick is supposed to go to the worst team. And it is looking like that may not be us.

I can live with that

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