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Fellow Colts fans are you sick of this as much as me?



I've been a Colts fan for a long time. I've seen the ups and downs of this organization from 1984 on. But what is makes me sick is that nobody believes in our team this year. I knew last year when Peyton wasn't going to be playing that we weren't going to have a quarterback at all. Because our back-ups sucked. I knew we would probably weren't going to win very many games and I was letting the season go. I knew we would get a lot of retecool about our team and I accepted that. But I also knew you can't win in the NFL without a quarterback. The retecool has been going on long enough. I mean we got a brand new team for most part. I think everybody's afraid to say it that we could actually be pretty darn good this year rookie quarterback or not. I in-fact believe in this team I think we are a lot better then the na sayers are giving us credit for. There basing everything on last year and they probably don't know very many players on our roster this year anyway. The fact of the matter is there just scared to say it.In a chance we are really do suck that they don't embarrass themselves or sound like homers. (local guys)

I hate it when a local sports guy from Mississippi talks about our team who doesn't even like Indiana sport teams he says were going to get pounded against the Bears. He wouldn't say that about his Mississippi teams. I mean let the season play out we will find out then until then lay-off our team. Colts fans were all in this together as we are as one. Coltsstrong!!

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I've seen over and under estimations of what we will do this year. Nobody knows. I'll be happy today if we start to see some things come together. Lets see some team work out there!

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It is going to be a fun year to watch the Colts grow as a team. People complaining about the offensive line that is much better than last years team, but it takes time for them to mesh together and get to know each other move. I should Have said this line better than past 3 years. Defensive in time will get much better. Remember how bad past defense's was till playoff time,lol. I will always support all Colts teams good and bad.

Just going to save some of the complainers name's that always look at the bad and load there old quotes when things get better. Always remember, If Peyton was back this year, this team would have been in much worse shape with all the losses of other players. have fun. Go Colts

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