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A tale of two defenses

Chris Wood


It was billed as RG3 vs Andrew Luck - the top 2 draft picks, but it was really more a tale of 2 defenses. I must say, I was quite envious of the Redskins defense - in our backfield frequently, stuffing every run at the line - they made us earn just about every yard, with the biggest play the TD pass to TY.

Meanwhile, our defense struggled to get their running backs to the ground, repeatedly left receivers open, and did not get nearly enough pressure on their QB. Whatever hope I had in the first two games faded a little with that performance.

I still think we should have a good team. We have good skill players throughout the offense with a lot of good young talent to complement Reggie Wayne. The offensive line will need to have a better showing, but I still think 23-24 points per game is easily within reach for this team.

The coaching has been very good. There have not been a lot of mistakes - very few penalties, and, for the most part, taking good care of the football. I hope that the defense will do much better when the season starts. I do like that the GM is continuing to find ways to upgrade the DB's. It looks like we may need to go after another DT as well now that McKinney is done for the year.

The first game of the season should give us a very good look at where we stand as a team. Chicago should be able to challenge us in all three phases of the game. If we manage to play well and win that one, I may even start dreaming about making the playoffs this year. Either way, I think we will have an interesting team to watch this year.

Keep building the monster, (because it doesn't look like we are there yet).

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