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Taking Care of Business

Chris Wood


Taking Care of Business.

The Colts were “taking care of business” early and often on Sunday. Taking Care of Business is the new scoring celebration song at Lucas Oil and it was fun hearing it played so much. (Which makes me wonder, who decides on the music that is played in the stadium?) And the Colts did take care of business.

It was a very enjoyable game, even though statistically it was meaningless. And after last year, it was nice watching an offense that could put points on the board. The defense also had a good day. Other than enjoying the scoring and watching a relatively clean game I’m not sure how much optimism to take away from the game. Remember you are never as good as you think you are after a win. But here are some random thoughts, observations about the team thus far.

Jim Irsay must feel blessed to be able to go from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck. While it is far too early to know what kind of career and success Luck will have in Indy, I certainly like everything I have seen and heard thus far.

If the offensive line can come together and hold up this season we could have a very good offense. I like our receivers – thrilled to have Reggie and Austin Collie back, Donnie Avery (who didn’t play) has a chance to be very good, and the rookie receivers and Quan Cosby also showed some skill. We have some depth at running back, as we saw with Donald Brown showing the burst and Carter showing the will to get the tough yards. Moore should be a great addition as well. The tight ends should be pretty good as well, though still will need a few games to see how good they could be.

The defense should be okay as well. They didn’t dominate, but were able to come up with some big stops when they needed to. And the coverage wasn’t bad. Jerry Hughes showed some speed coming off the edge, and as long as the scheme allows him to come free he may be able to get some good pressure on the QB.

The special teams also performed well.

It was a special treat to see the back-up QB’s and offensive players put points on the board, (I can’t remember the last time they scored 17 points or more in half of a preseason game – maybe never.)

Overall I think the Colts will be good this year. Of course most of the teams in the NFL have the potential to be good. The real question is how long it will take them to go from being good to being great. In any case, I am looking forward to the season and hope they can continue to take care of business at home. (What can I say – I like to dance!)

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That is the question and that is the expectation. In the mean time I expect to have fun watching this team

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