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Miss Eastin, welcome to the NFL?



As Andrew Luck waits for his debut on Sunday, guess the waiting for one rookie to the NFL is over. She makes her first appearance on Thursday night in Primetime. Shannon Eastin will be blowing her whistle as the replacement line judge when the Chargers , and Packers face off in San Diego. Due to the " Officials Lock out" looks like " THE REPLACEMENTS" will be gettin a chance to step in..... No woman has ever officiated an NFL game. "Roger Goodell" says " I am confident they'll do a great job". O.K Roger. With a whole 2 months of learning the NFL rules, she's ready... Good Luck Shannon.....


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She's not the only replacement. But certainly the one being held up to the most scrutiny. Best wishes to her

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Any referee that has not made it to this level would view this opportunity as too great to pass up. I know I would. I hope that the labor deal is finalized soon, and those who step in in the meantime do an adequate job, and get the opportunity to live the dream...Miss Eastin included.

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