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People, Not Guns, Do the Killing!



In light and wake of the CO tragedy in Auora, we need to realize. That it is not guns but the people that DO THE SHOOTING that are at fault. As it is how you use a gun. Whether good or bad! As I can't stand being around guns and that even toy guns make me skirmish. Ask AZ in 2011, VT in 2007, or Columbine in 1999. Thoughts and prayers are with those that lost loved ones on Thursday night.

Twelve dead and fifty-nine wounded. Let's remember them and not the person that did it. :(

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When something like this happens, you cannot help but think about preventing it from ever happening again.

Sounds like mental illness.

It is very very tragic

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I know its not the time to defend owning guns but proponets of gun ownership are already jumping on this. But think this through! Just this past friday 2 armed men (the bad guys with a gun) entered my main welding supply store wearing masks. When the owner brandished his own gun (good guy with a gun) they fled out of the store. End of story! Fortunately, nobody was injured and nothing was stolen. What if the owner wasn`t protected? I`m glad I dont have to know the answer to that, he`s a long time family friend and a good man. The title to your blog says it all, and if you take the guns away from "good people" it will only make it easier for the "bad people" because they will find a way to get them. Believe that..

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Now i must go ahead a prologue this post by saying I am in no way supporting the shooter. What he did is terrible. But the media is exaggerating some of the details, and it only serves to further the gun control issue. They keep saying that he had a 100 round magazine. Here are images of his weapons at the scene.


If you look at the 6th and 8th set of images, you will see the rifle. Now the next link is an actual image of 100 round mag. They are NO WAY the same. Here again you have the media changing the details to further their own political agendas.


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Yes, a vast majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens, who are responsible with firearms, advocate safety at all times, and well adjusted individuals. Yes, "people not guns do the killing."

However, most people tend to forget that the second amendment to the U. S. Constitution was written during a time period when local militias defended their territory using muskets and packed gun power performed largely by hand not assault rifles with multiple rounds in single clips as Narcosys states accurately above.

Our Founding Fathers never envisioned this kind of weaponry or heavy magazine capacity. The only law enforcement entity that needs that kind of fire power is S.W.A.T. and military Special Forces Units IMO.

I respect the "Right To Bear Arms" and the right to legally hunt wild game for sport and recreation, but the proper historical context needs to be observed here.

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"Twelve dead and fifty-nine wounded. Let's remember them and not the person that did it."

Yes, we need to express sympathy for the families who lost loved ones naturally of course. I have a slight difference of opinion on your central thesis however JPPT. I am in no way, shape, or form condoning the violence and bloodshed committed by this lone gunman. He will face justice, through the legal court system, for his unspeakable crime eventually.

From my perspective, the news media is too quick to label a gunman mentally unstable without taking the time to understand why a person was motivated to commit such a violent act. It's too easy just to say "lock him up and throw away the key." Very few mass murders are classified as legally insane. Most gunmen have a reason for what lead them down such an unspeakable conclusion of tragedy against innocent bystanders. Why take the time to do this you ask? To potentially spot unstable warning signs much faster and prevent a similar tragedy in the future.

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