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Craving for some Japanese food!



I have not had Japanese food in three months or over. Will try to get some. When my parents are out of town. As I love that kind of food. Though don't get it as much! But will try to get some for lunch. As the food is expensive during the dinner hours.


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Hope you get your fill of Japanese food! I don't mind Japanese food but more into Chinese, Korean and Thai food! LOL I love food! If you go to "blogs" and on the right there's a drop down "add entry", you could post restaurants or recipes.

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My son has spent some time in Japan. One of his favorite stories is about how the Japanese have a love affair with mayonnaise.

There are mayonnaise based pizzas, mayonnaise milkshakes, and even mayonnaise margaritas.

I agree that the best time to eat Japanese food here is at lunchtime. I always order the lunchbox just because I think the box is so much fun and always wish I could take it home with me.

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