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Blue suede horseshoe



Weather turned rather stormy here, as offseason reached its low. With no major news, event or whatever fans are turning inactive. Just 2 more weeks, and Andy Luck comes home to Indy, and Monster starts to roar at full volume.

Some "football experts" here in Hungary thinks Satele isn't smart enough for a center. Pffff... Come on! He had a good season at Oakland, and seems to have all of a C's vit. That guy (who claims Satele not smart enough) is a GB fun, so I shouldn't expect too much. Expectation here shows a 6-10 season for Colts that would be a very desirable performance, IMO. My biggest problem, that there are no Colts fans here...at least I don't know any...

FO started to boost up D to as acquiring CB Cassius Vaughn and LB Jerry J Brown. Mathis and Freeney were moved OLB. Coaching staff put some extra pounds in the middle with Winston Justice. Our predicted O-line keeps looking better, and maybe Monster will have two arms. Now he has to put some muscles on those arms during camps.

Addai is moving to New England (perhps he likes chowder), Dallas Clarke to Tampa Bay. I' wishing the best for both, they are classy guys, who used to help the team a lot.

Weather was rather stormy here over last few days with several storm cells causing severe raining.

Post's title "Blue suede horseshoe" was inspired by Elvis Presley, and is intended to express our team's quality and novelty.


Have a nice weekend ColtsFans!

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"Blue suede horseshoe" was inspired by Elvis Presley, and is intended to express our team's quality and novelty."

If this is true, does that mean that owner Jim Irsay will start selling peanut butter & banana sandwich at the concession stands on special Colts occasions too? Just Kidding HCF!!! [it was rumored that those kind of sandwiches were Elvis Presley's favorite snack.] Another nice article my friend.

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