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the nfl team grade



its the over now we have our guy andrew luck cool. well

its looks like he is ready for the colts team. my grade for the colts i have to wait and see the how he is plays. but he is getting the people he needs. what are you thougths on the the colts?? let me kown please thanks you


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Well Luck is gonna be a star, and the FO certainly took the needed steps to give him the weapons needed in te draft. If the line can do their job then we will have and explosive offense. Like the Free Agents we had picked up before the draft for defense along with those on board, have also picked up some interesting looking players in UFA to come to camp and show they can perform. Can't wait for it to begin.

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I was looking on my Facebook page at the NFL group and it asked if the Colts would pick first again next yr. Well at first i was like, well that would be great, but then thought, i don't want to have another bad season like we did this year. Here are my thoughts. We seemed to be able to beef up our defensive line so there shouldn't be anymore of the runs up the gut every other play. I'm hoping that Brown can get on track and run the ball consistently and possibly be a 1000 yrd runner. WR's are looking good as well as the TE situation. I need to see who is going to be starting on the offensive line and our cornerbacks especially the corners...too many deep balls thrown last yr and caught...by the acquisitions in the draft and free agents im going to rate this team a high B...and we wont get the number one pic in the draft. I see the colts going 6-10...i dont see them going 3-13 as they did in Mannings first yr.

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3-13 sounds great to me for 2012. The earlier we draft the better of course. We won 2 with that aweful team so 5-11 is more likely.

Luck won`t play as bad as manning did his ookie year, with his still rookie RECORD 28 INT. (With Marvin & M Faulk)

BTW manning Averaged 20 int. a year over his 1st 5 years!!!!!

The 3 veteran O-linemen we signed should come together pretty well. TE Eldridge in his 3rd yr, hopefully becomes a real force as a blocking TE. If all that is so, we should have a decent running game, especially when he uses a FB. Would be a Big help keeping the DOGS off Andrew.

Cory Redding was playing at a high level on the D-Line for the Ravens so that is a solid signing.

Chapman they say is a ROCK at NT, not sure what else we really will get in that rotation.

Can Fili Moala, Drake Nevis play DE in this D??? One would think Angerer would be fine.

Sure would be nice if Jerry Hughes fits in this D. Mathis will run wild.

Freeney hopefully GONE for a trade/picks or Salary dump. I think we are nearly out of cash to pick up Decent ($$$) FRagents.

There will be Dozens and dozens of good players dumped before the season starts.

With Freeney`s $14M we could pick Several solid players. I`ll be Shocked if he is on the opening day roster.

We have about a Dozen 1st Contract (Young) defensive players that were drafted to play Cover 2 Defense. Clearly Not very good at it ;- 0 but some higher level draft picks among them. We will hopefully get half of them to fit the new system. Should be able to figure them out in traing camp.

Bethea played by himself it seamed most of the time last year. It was Awful in the sec. for sure.

Picking up a solid FA Safety from the Ravens was excellent. Zbikowski.

Pagano`s history is that of a Secondary GURU. Excellence all along the way. Sounds GOOD to me!

ANY offensive or defensive unit has to have experience playing together to be Good!

No Miracles should be expected in yr 1 of the Defense. We will be in Fabulous shape in the next Draft with as much as $50M or so to spend in FRagency to get TWO Elite cornerbacks next year. Oh yaaa!

I am grinning from ear to ear about the receiving weapons we have already. inexperience yes, but there is some Blazing speed and players that will work the whole field. Cross our fingers for good health, because i think Andrew will be throwingBBS to some open receivers, and us Diehards will be smiling and grinning, as the whinners and doubters say things like, " why did i give up sooo fast".

Go Colts!

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