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The draft is over...did we get it right?



Well, we talked about it for weeks. We waited in barely contained anticipation...THE DRAFT.

Would we indeed draft Luck?

Would Grigson get it right?

Would we go heavy on defensive drafts b/c of Pagano?

Would we, would we, would we... ... ...

So... ... ...did we? Is it a job well done?

My answer--Yes.

Thursday. Primetime rolled around, the draft is opened...15 seconds ticked off our clock before Grigson picked up phone and made the call to our #1...by 8:10, Andrew Luck was an Indianapolis Colt. I knew Luck was our guy. (How could we not know that when we let Peyton go? Luck would be the only reason Irsay would allow that to happen.)

I hoped and prayed we'd have a shot at Fleener (and yes, Allen as well). I know, not everyone agrees with this, but yes I do think Fleener has a viable and good NFL career ahead of him. As the first round continued on and as it started to come to a close my hopes soared. Before I knew it, round 1 was over...what's this? Fleener and Allen are still there???? How is that possible? The football gods are smiling down on us, that's how. :)

Friday. Pick #34 rolls around and it has to be Fleener...right? Right...sure enough we got him.

But I've got to be honest here, once we picked up Fleener I thought we'd move on to either beefing up our O-line or going straight to the D side of the ball...I didn't even entertain the idea of picking up Allen. Two TEs in one draft? Nah, wasn't going to happen in my mind. Then we did.

At first I was thinking "what the heck?" Then I got to thinking about it, and it makes sense.

If you still don't know how it works, and if you think we wasted that pick, go check out Coach Arians' style of offense. It involves two TEs. So, rest easy my fellow Colts fans. We did not waste a pick, AND we got the two best TEs in the draft. We are set (IMO) at the TE position for quite a while.

Fast forwarding...by the time the draft was over I honestly couldn't believe we have drafted 8 players on the offensive side of the ball. I thought for sure with Pagano in here we would finally build up our D. That we had finally realized that defenses win CHAMPIONSHIPS. Part of me went "Arg!" But the more I think about it, the more I realize why what we did makes sense.

So, think about this with me for just a minute. We just drafted our franchise QB. The man that is going to be around (hopefully) for 15 years...leading us to victory...leading us (hopefully) to more Lombardi trophies...What does every QB need to succeed? Smarts? Yes. Talent? Yes, of course...but talent in just your QB won't get you far if you don't have targets for him to throw to and protection for him to be able to throw...will it?

That is why our draft choices for this year make sense. We drafted 2 WRs, 2 TEs, 1 RB, an OT, and yes 2 QBs on the offensive side of the ball. All of these (minus Harnish) offer targets and protection for Andrew to succeed.

And let's not let it go unnoticed that we did draft two defensive guys: a NG (which we need, IMO) and a DE (who was a beast in college and I predict will be a beast in the NFL).

I could go into their stats, and I will if you prompt me to. These players history supports why we picked them. So, for me, we did get it right. Grigson stayed focused and showed restraint by sticking to our board. By trusting and relying on the due diligence that had been down prior to the draft. So, I would like to say "Well done Mr. Grigson, Coach Pagano, and Tom Telesco. You have done well. Now, the time has come for you to take these young men and mold them into NFL monsters...COLTS monsters."

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You my friend have repeated my words. Amazing! Exactly!

Blogs need to mean something. So often they miss. You are on top of this along with our Colts Friends.

Coaches step up? DBs evaluated! I think this is a nice draft Post_Polian. (I will not say good riddance to Chris)

Need to run...spraying the field....WE (COLTS) are on the right track!

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