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Welcome Colts Direct/mycolts Members!



blog-0408291001333051922.jpgSo good to see your virtual faces!

It will take a while to get used to the site and to the members (it's a much larger community). There are a lot of great people here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message me or one of the other Community Moderators.

As a new member, you may post to the forums 5 times per day until you have 15 posts.

However, there are no restrictions on photos, blogs, or the status update page (you'll find some colts direct members favor the status update page.)

If you are a blogger, as always feel free to blog on the topic of your choice. Links to our blogs display on the article pages on colts.com (check it out!)

Special Note to our Bloggers: Colts.com regularly features fan blogs on it's blog page in the fan feature category

If you are interested in writing something for blogs.colts.com just paste it in a message to me, I'll submit it to them.

Topics for blogs.colts.com should be colts-related and comply with our site rules (no name calling profanity etc....)

So have a look around, play with your profile page, upload some photos, check out the status update page and meet some old and new Colts fans.

Give me a shout it you run into questions

Be sure to check this out: How to get started here

We are so happy to have you here!


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