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Colts/saints-still looks like half empty to me



I guess it's still a matter of perspective.....half full or half empty. Half empty: The 1st 3 quarters it was almost totally team wide unproductive....half full: never gave up and with a very productive 4th quarter , had a real chance to win. Inconsistent is the key word, great in spurts, other times (most of the time) can't accomplish....anything? That is not good football, that is NOT winning football. Something is missing, not sure what it is and not sure if it can be fixed (this year) but to this point in the season, there doesn't seem to much improvement in the issue areas, it's almost like the plug one hole, another leak shows up scenario.


Offense: Luck (23-44-333-3 TD's) had a decent game-stats wise, but still does not look sharp and fell back into the turnover machine with 2 more interceptions. Gore was very effective, until the game got very one sided (very early) and has been the case all year, a non-factor, afterwards. Hilton's (4-150-2 TD's) stats were great, but a little misleading with 131 of those yards coming on the 2 TD's when the DB fell down. Moncrief added a TD. The O-line, pretty much the same result. Could pretty much copy and paste this, for each game this year, very little has been improved on and these are the same issues, all year.


Defense: the somewhat good feeling about the D-line and the run defense playing better, reverted back to last years production, which is.............not very good....449 total yds and 183 rushing yds is NOT winning football. The pass rush-MAYBE a tad better, which isn't saying much, finishing with 2 sacks (Mathis-Langford). Freeman led the way with 12 tackles and even though Jackson didn't lead the team, this week, he was all over the field and one of the few players who has really excelled, finished with 8. I mentioned the lack of production last week from Henry Anderson, I know the stat line is not always a good indicator of production, but has been a non-factor , compared to the first few games of the year and if today's overall production is any indication, the D-line may not be the hope for the future unit, it appeared to be , early on.


Special teams: another copy and paste- Adam, not needed...McAfee-excelled...coverage units-good....the only difference was Whalen, who actually had some good returns, then fumbled once and almost another.


The schedule coming up has been well documented and brutal- panthers-broncos-falcons and steelers all coming up and although, the on any given sunday scenario is always relevant, performances like todays and really, every game this year, with the POSSIBLE exception of the new england game will not get this team many wins, with the exception of the remaining games vs the division foes. Still trying to figure out how a team who knows their back is against the wall, maybe playing for their coaches job, can come out vs a team they are expected to beat and look flat, for 3 quarters and how when the we CANNOT keep shooting ourselves in the foot message has been sent out..time after time, it keeps showing up. I am not stating this team doesn't care, but it would not take alot of imagination to see it that way, it's almost like most of the players are just going through the motions?????????? The it's a long season and we have a lot of football left to play is becoming quickly, week by week, closer to being obselete.

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Unfortunately there a hole at the bottom of that coffee cup and soon will be empty unless we patch that hole or get a new coffee cup!

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