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That had to be the most embarrassing first half of football since the AFC Championship Game?! 5 penalties for almost 70 yards? Luck throwing the ball only to Hilton? Darius Butler getting beat constantly? The O-Line looked defeated and Gore looking like he had second thoughts about his, Luck is a God statement? The team looked like 2014, not a team ready to battle for a SB? Not a team that supposedly had gotten better in 2015? I'm SO tired of seeing the Colts play soft?! I'm tired of the stigma of being SOFT! Teams run on us year after year?! Teams don't respect us and in my opinion, our coaching staff is WEAK! I think Pep Hamilton is in over his head, I think Pagano is too nice of a guy, I think that Grigson, albeit has improved our team form 2-14, is feeling his self. This is crazy! Then I see the post game interviews and no one seemed *? Where's the hunger? Where's the BEAST that Pagano talks about? Why can't the O-Line see that they're the butt of all jokes Colts? They can't block, they don't communicate well with picking up defensive schemes? We have corners that can't stay healthy, especially when we need them, nor can they cover anyone?! That game yesterday was suppose to be our coming out party, showing the fans and NFL that the Colts were deserving of the hype! They played like something was going on internally? I don't know the beef between Pagano and Grigson but Irsay needs to make some changes before it gets out of hand because that team yesterday wasn't a SB caliber team, at all!!!!! I've been a loyal fan since the Mayflower truck pulled up and I've been through the heartache of the Peyton era but I'm speaking to you Irsay! If you don't get some toughness and tenacity, if you don't sure up that O-Line and get a coach who is going to kick butt(go get Bill Cowher), if you don't change the perception of the way teams think and play us. There won't be another SB coming to Indy and Luck will be California dreaming?!

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Brady said it best, they (the Colts) got pushed around.  While one game does not define a season, although this one was a major embarrassment, when we play the Patriots, I believe that game will define this season.  Hopefully we're 4-1 when we do face Brady, but if we don't do the Patriots  what they did to us in January, that will define the season.

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Everyone say's this was a bad match up and I agree. But we looked so disinterested I have never been a fan of Pagano or Grigson and hope Irsay moves on from them.GO COLTS

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I cant say I was embarrassed but I was disappointed I could realistically see us losing the game but I was anticipating something more competitive than that. I do remember what buffalo did to green bay and Denver last year and beat ne the last game of the year they are talented give credit where its due. Im interested in seeing how they match up next week to the ne D who gave up almost 500 yds of offense in their home opener. we have not had a strong week 1 opener in the pagano luck era and this year the same.. I do believe we play better as the season goes on just have to keep the engine churning dec-jan. The o line HAS to be addressed. we have NOTHING without luck and their lackluster performance wk 1 must improve maybe a tackle b4 free agency ends and mewhort back to rg and they might be formidable if they don't step up luck will not be productive and news flash our bend don't beak defense (even though theres potential) isn't going to win games for us  #grigson please sign o-lineman

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I think you mean Vontae Davis...Butler was injured and didn't play.  Agree with everything else...you know a good offensive line can make an average quarterback look good.  Lets face it...if an NFL quarterback has time he can pick you apart.  Look what Brady has done with "no names."  They become household names after awhile due to their good offensive line.  I can't believe the injuries every year...I too do not like using it as an excuse but after awhile you start thinking is the training regiment too tough...not tough enough...what??  You can take all the Pagano post game comments and just change the team name and date..."...we have to eliminate penalties...we can't turn the ball over...this game won't define us...blah blah blah..."  I was so excited when he came on board years ago thinking, great a defensive mind from the Ravens...man that hasn't translated.  This team will be lucky to end up 8-8 and it doesn't help that the front office and coaching staff are not on the same page.

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