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  1. either OL or OLB 1st rd hopefully find a decent rb in the 2nd rd
  2. another thing is he has a motor. the boy can move
  3. not a doctor not even back from commercial yet but that looked season ending
  4. take a look at the VERY FIRST game luck played called by chud. now luck has the next 1-5 weeks to talk to chud WHILE playcalling is taking place this is giving luck a unique perspective on the offensive system. when luck is healthy he will come back and he will play well. he will play better than matt. matt has done a great job. but andrew will do better. alot better. moncrief continues to flourish the run game has been good all year short of this afternoon. the defense pitched a 2nd half shutout. the million dollar question is painfully obvious
  5. players have recovered in less than a week but i believe probably less than 10% return in less than 7 days
  6. good job! i would like to see boom fit into this offense too, after chud gives him a stern talkin to bout holdin onto the rock
  7. duron carter is cris carters son correct??? genetics..
  8. wes welker udfa lots of undrafted starts Griff!! lol
  9. yes last year kam chancellor did it at the end of a game successfully but the play was called back because of a separate penalty its been done before that as well
  10. you make a good point but some of the statistical stuff is tarnished by the inefficiencies of the offensive playcalling at the begining of the year. moncrief has delivered every time he was in the position to do so starting week 1. i think he will develop into a very talented young man and its so exciting to have someone like him and im anticipating andrew comin back and developing chemistry with moncrief. if moncrief plays the way he did today and if hilton does what he does, gore and bradshaw keep doing what theyve been doing, fleener,allen,doyle....., the defense keep pitching 2nd half shu
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