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Where do people get this idea we are deep at receiver, besides the obvious, that being TY and Andre what proven commodity do we have at the position? Moncrief did the utmost with his time on the field but flashes are not guarantees. As for Duron he is a mystery inside an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle that is also inside a Jack in the Box, I'm still not sure about that place; some may say "he produce in the CFL"... ok, "well his dad is Cris Carter" your point being? All I'm trying to get at is this: there seems to be a blind faith in these young unproven receivers. I'll be the first to admit I was surprised by the pick who the hell wasn't? I did know one thing though, I loved it as well as the rest of the draft. I've learned one thing about this city of mine, Fickle and Pessimistic. Greg Doyel says he doesn't understand, good because if a sportswriter understood what our GM, or our team was thinking: then, yes then I would truly be worried. It is not you're job to understand Gregory what the team is thinking; your occupation consists of typing what you see don't think too much baby, it gives you wrinkles. To sum this up I hope everyone does their thing this year but I will really be pulling for Dorsett and Robinson.

Go Indy. Go Colts.

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