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Grading Grigson (draft)



2012: Started out with a bang, with one of the best offensive drafts in NFL history, stats-wise. Some credit has to be given for picking Luck, over RG 111. Followed by Fleener, Allen and trading up for Hilton, then adding Ballard and Chapman, if Ballard can get past the injury bug, I think he can be a very good player. Brazil was another pick who showed some promise, but off field issues led to his release. The other 3 picks didn't amount to much (Anderson-Fugger) although Harnish hung around on the practice squad. Ballard's injuries and Brazil's release hurt the overall rating for this draft, but even without those 2 contributing, it was a great start.

2013: As great as the first draft was, the 2nd edition, was almost that bad. Werner, has had his moments and could still develope and could also be a fringe player who never does. Thortan, Holmes and Hughes have played, but haven't shown much, at this point, the other 3 didn't last long ( Boyett-Williams-Cunningham) Unless a few of those players eventually make their mark, it will be a complete wasted draft

2014: A bit of a rebound, losing the first round pick in the Richardson deal was huge and well documented, considering the few picks that were made, the results look promising. Mewhort,Moncrief and Newsome all look like they will be, at least, productive players. Jackson had the skill set, but has been released and Ulrick has yet to play

Summary: Good thing for Grigson he had the first pick in the draft and Luck just happened to come out that year, he did make some great selections in year #1 and found some talent in year #3, the Richardson trade will haunt him for years. Overall in his first 3 years, the drafts have not been all that great, he really needs to fine tune their selection process and have good drafts, he doesn't have to have great drafts, each year, but he cannot have years where there is little to no talent obtained. In my opinion the draft in the foundation for future sucess and if this pattern continues, it's going to be very hard to be competitive in the postseason, down the road. He has also shown a willingness to draft players who have had a history of off field issues and for the most part, they have not panned out

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I give him a C+, he needs to hit the hammer on the nail in this years draft cause his thumbs look swollen

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In five years when the Colts get to one SB and lose, we will all remember fondly the talent that Grigson brought to the Colts. We have arguably the most gifted QB in football with a solid offensive nucleus and a GM who can't find the talent to take advantage

of those assets. I give him a D-. Not an F because as bad as he is, Luck is a gem who he drafted, although I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall when he had to decide between Luck & RG3

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