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From: Is Chuck The New Caldwell?

Michael Moeller


Some questionable play calling with the FG attempt for Adam in the wind/rain. Just like Caldwell did to Adam in the playoffs at home from 50 plus and missed. Caldwell would have taken a knee too before the half as Chuck did to Luck instead of heaving one downfield. Like Caldwell, Chuck just cannot make any adjustments overall.

You have to realize that just "making adjustments" wont win you games. When you are outmatched, out gunned and out efforted at nearly every position what in the world are you supposed to do? put 13 guys on the field? What's wrong with trusting the best kicker in the NFL from 51 yards? The hail mary was questionable but really. who cares. It's a hail mary.

What is so very troubling is not getting beaten.....24-17.....27-21.....28-24.....i could live with that.....regular season the score at halftime was 14 to 10......today it was 17 to 7.....manageable situations.....its what happens after halftime and while i love chuck to death *.....chuck is simply getting outcoached.....legaroutte blount doesn't beat anyone else like he does us.....when he became a free agent at the start of the season new england let him go and had no interest in him until pitt. Cut him and bellichick got him at the price he wanted.....in other words he is just average.....but chuck has no clue how to stop him and if new england hadn't signed him the kid from notre dame who rushed for 201 yards and 4 tds would have done the honors instead.....it really didn't matter.....our coaches have no idea how to stop the patriot's running game.....i can't get excited anymore till we prove we can beat someone that matters.....last year when we were healthy and we beat seattle...sf 49ers....and denver i thought we were on the right track.....well not any more

Source: Is Chuck The New Caldwell?

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Yes Chuck, all the players did indeed take a step closer in 2014.  But this group of players with some notable exceptions are not the players that are going to make it to the SB in 2015. Two number ones did not even dress for this game, Werner & TRich. Nor will it get to the SB with Grigson making player selections and you coaching. This game was no surprise if you examine the losses this year, New England, Dallas, Eagles, & Broncos & Steelers, and the way they lost those games.  Also they won games  against division teams with losing records as well as the Browns, the Redskins, the Giants.  I think we're looking at a team that will break hearts for as long as Luck, Hilton, and a few others stick around and stay healthy. 

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Exactly, they did the same thing week 11, ran like hell n we still had no clue, fire Manusky n give Pagano n Pep 1 more year, Superbowl or Bust

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You are all a bunch of Doomsday radicals.  Jim Irsay will not dump a staff that went 3 seasons of 11-5 and one that got to the AFC Championship.  


You all with the Fire everyone mentality can go away.   

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I changed the casing in your post to sentence case because we don't allow posting in all caps here

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You are all a bunch of Doomsday radicals.  Jim Irsay will not dump a staff that went 3 seasons of 11-5 and one that got to the AFC Championship.  


You all with the Fire everyone mentality can go away.   

We canʻt beat NE, PIT, and most teams over.500 especially w our defense, and other teams are gettin better 2 especially our division itʻs only goin 2 get harder 2 win n the time is NOW!

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This team has the physical tools necessary to compete with anyone. Remember, it wasn't that long ago that the Colts beat San Fran IN San Fran and the eventual Super Bowl Champs the Seahawks just one year ago. This teams problem is entirely mental and its against the same team. This team just does NOT BELIEVE they can match up to the Patriots. Doesn't matter who they bring in, until the entire staff deals with that mental aspect and move past it, the Patriots will continue to be this teams nemesis for years to come. That's the only RATIONAL explanation for how the Colts remain so far behind the Patriots no matter what personnel comes in. Our defensive linemen are generally, pound for pound bigger than the Patriots linemen. That was the mentality this team needed: to get guys that match up physically in the trenches.


By and large, thats worked perfectly and the Denver game was indicative of that. Then comes New England and its like these guys are 100 pound weaklings. That's a mental issue, folks. You can mentally condition a Lion to be docile and to not use his GOD given strength to destroy people. But, you know he can tear any tamer to shreds. He has the capability. But, it wont happen. Thats at the heart of why the Colts cant seem to get over the hump with these guys. They have doubt in their heads. Consequently, the Patriots absolutely believe that no matter WHO runs the ball for them, they'll win the match-ups. And they do. Simple as that. So, to a MAN, the Colts need to RE-condition their heads against these guys. A huge task if it isn't recognized and attempted properly.

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