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  1. This team has the physical tools necessary to compete with anyone. Remember, it wasn't that long ago that the Colts beat San Fran IN San Fran and the eventual Super Bowl Champs the Seahawks just one year ago. This teams problem is entirely mental and its against the same team. This team just does NOT BELIEVE they can match up to the Patriots. Doesn't matter who they bring in, until the entire staff deals with that mental aspect and move past it, the Patriots will continue to be this teams nemesis for years to come. That's the only RATIONAL explanation for how the Colts remain so far behind the Patriots no matter what personnel comes in. Our defensive linemen are generally, pound for pound bigger than the Patriots linemen. That was the mentality this team needed: to get guys that match up physically in the trenches. By and large, thats worked perfectly and the Denver game was indicative of that. Then comes New England and its like these guys are 100 pound weaklings. That's a mental issue, folks. You can mentally condition a Lion to be docile and to not use his GOD given strength to destroy people. But, you know he can tear any tamer to shreds. He has the capability. But, it wont happen. Thats at the heart of why the Colts cant seem to get over the hump with these guys. They have doubt in their heads. Consequently, the Patriots absolutely believe that no matter WHO runs the ball for them, they'll win the match-ups. And they do. Simple as that. So, to a MAN, the Colts need to RE-condition their heads against these guys. A huge task if it isn't recognized and attempted properly.
  2. Depends on his cover skills. Will he be an upgrade from a key reserve such as Josh Gordy is the biggest question
  3. Here's the Deal from my perspective. This game is indicative of one thing that remains constant in Colts/Patriots matchups. Its belief. The Patriots just believe that they will work harder, hit harder, outplay the Colts every time they play. Even in the Colts victories, they usually come very hard fought, and very SELDOM do the Colts just kick the Patriots butt like the Patriots always seem to do to the Colts. Its mental now. No matter who lines up against the Colts, they turn into world beaters and look like Walter Peyton against this team because of a belief system that Bill B. instills in his team. There is NO way that this team should systematically destroy ANY Colts team, no matter who's playing every year unless its mental. The Colts hope they'll beat the Patriots, while the Patriots BELIEVE they will always beat the Colts. And that's on the coaching staff. Every time I see this going on, I realize that Bruce Arians is the ONLY coach that the Colts have had in recent years that can change their BELIEF system. Chuck P is a nice guy and all, but he has NO clue about motivation outside of the usual cliches. Hes trying his best and I wish him well, but he has failed miserably to motivate this team properly to perform at the level of greatness required to change the mindset of this team, The same teams that have owned us in the past STILL own us. Steelers, Patriots, etc. And these are the teams we have to go through. Trust me, the Steelers will be there at the end. And we aren't even competitive with these teams on the road and against the Patriots, at home either. So, if the team can understand that they don't have to fire any body or do anything drastic, this wasn't about preparation or the lack thereof. They have to understand the power of the mind to do great things. Because that's the only solution to this beat-down the Patriots consistently give the Colts. The mental determines the physical. The coaches cant go in saying that they think the Monsters being built, they have to KNOW the Monster is already there waiting to be unleashed EVERY Sunday. Just like Morpheus said to Neo in the Matrix....you cant think you are the best, you have to KNOW you are...believe. The Colts have got to let go of fear, doubt and disbelief. Only great coaching can do that and unfortunately, the guy that can do that, in my opinion, is now in Arizona.
  4. Heyyyyyy watch it with that "kkk" stuff....;-)
  5. Yes, that was an ugly game. There is a feeling that the team doesnt respond well or respect Coach Pagano very much. Thats a bad omen going into games that matter later in the season. But, I just feel that they had an emotional let down and the Rams came in there wanting to prove a point, maybe anticipating that the Colts were expecting them to just lay down and do what everyone expected them to do and thats lose. The Rams get paid, too and came in with passion, something the Colts need to bring week in and week out. Im pretty sure they wont have another perfect game like that again this season.
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