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  1. ....as a long time Colts fan, I have to say that this team is reaching new lows this year. First, the fans, who always gave Pep Hamilton a hard time, even after three straight 11-5 records, helped the front office get rid of him to bring in this new, obvious downgrade to the Offensive coaching staff, an easily identified instance of pure racism. Now, the front office keeps the ball rolling by getting rid of the only black player to join the Colin Kapernick first amendment right to criticize this racist country protest gesture, a country that in protesting his right to protest.... supports fas
  2. Yep. Top 6 or 7 ranked offense in the entire NFL and red zone offense and 3rd down gets him fired. When you're a top tier offense, you don't even GET to 3rd down or many red zone offensive sets because you've scored from many yards out regularly. Big play offense, which is what the fans were clamoring for when Pep came in!
  3. I just feel that Pep Hamilton was never accepted by many fans during his tenure here. Even when things were going well, he rarely was given credit, yet when things went the other way, he was usually blamed. The Colts record and overall offensive stats the past three years weren't to the point where the offensive coordinator was justifiably released. The teams' EXECUTION this year was the culprit, mainly at the quarterback position. That shows that although he was the main person in Andrew Lucks life that was familiar with him and best able to bring out his talents, he still was never accepted
  4. This team has the physical tools necessary to compete with anyone. Remember, it wasn't that long ago that the Colts beat San Fran IN San Fran and the eventual Super Bowl Champs the Seahawks just one year ago. This teams problem is entirely mental and its against the same team. This team just does NOT BELIEVE they can match up to the Patriots. Doesn't matter who they bring in, until the entire staff deals with that mental aspect and move past it, the Patriots will continue to be this teams nemesis for years to come. That's the only RATIONAL explanation for how the Colts remain so far behind the
  5. Well....what about the Denver game? Or the Bengal games? They just don't count as a positive for Manusky, huh.
  6. As easy as it is for people to blame the coaches for this debacle and the previous three under Coach Pagano, the fact is that the Patriots simply are in the Colts heads. Total self confidence exuded by each and every member of their team is what they always bring to each game because they truly believe they can handle the Colts physically. Meanwhile the Colts "hope" they will win, want to win, are anxious to win. But, until all 53 players on the squad truly BELIEVES they can beat this team, this will not stop. The current coaching staff still haven't been able to correct this problem. The Patr
  7. Understood, and I get that. However, I referenced the O.J trial only because perception is in the eyes of the beholder. There was logical evidence presented that cast doubt as to the guilt of O.J. But, most people in America CHOSE not to even consider any of that evidence because they wanted to believe in their own preconceived notions, etc. And in our system, you're innocent until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt. If you CHOSE to consider ALL of the evidence, and not just the circumstantial evidence presented, most rational people would say there was reasonable doubt, which the jury
  8. Depends on his cover skills. Will he be an upgrade from a key reserve such as Josh Gordy is the biggest question
  9. Hey, how about it everyone just calm down and stop the name calling. No one in the forum, or the entire forum, isn't "crazy' just because they differ in opinions from someone elses'. That's what happens in democracies. For instance, you aren't crazy for your comments about O.J. due to the fact that O.J. was actually EXONERATED of the Murders he was charged with, so by the law of the land, he didn't plan or intend to slit his wife's or anyone else's throat. Only PUBLIC OPINION allowed people such as yourself to make those comments and state them as fact, which was never proven. So, lets just ke
  10. Yes, you can. Somebody taught him something at Alabama.
  11. Ray Rice is a viable option at RB right now given the state of the Colts injury situation. Ben Tate and Lagarrett Blount were considered here in this forum. However, proven backs such as the 2012 MVP of the NFL Adrian Peterson and now Ray Rice have been judged in the court of public opinion as being unworthy of redemption due to the controversy they would bring. an additional argument being age. Neither is too old to continue to be productive since we see Darren Sproles, who the Colts haven't been able to tackle effectively for years still going strong at 31. AP is 29, Ray, 27. Why are these
  12. Well, Trent is part of the problem. IMO, he seems to feel that the line isn't very good, so his confidence is down causing him to be tentative. Boom hits the hole like a RB should, full of confidence and expectation to make something happen. That just doesn't show in Trents play. If all the RB's that go in with the same OL gain more yards than he does, it says something about him. I really feel that a lot of his issue is between his ears. Confidence and the mental aspects get overlooked a lot.
  13. IMO, it all comes down to the guys in the trenches. Imagine the possibility of the OL blasting holes for whoever the RB is. And Andrew being given all the time he needs to find all the weapons he has all day and comes out of the game relatively untouched. Then on the other side of the ball, what if the DL dominated and took away the running game no matter who the opponent was. Thus, giving the solid secondary we have a chance to do their thing. If that actually happens, the Colts chances are as good as anyone else's.
  14. Well, that may be true, but I'm sure he knows that hes not worth his current contract and will understand that in the negotiations with any team that does take a serious look at him. But, as far as a year off from football, he came back from a career threatening knee injury before his MVP season. It stands to reason that he can deal with the lack of PT and be a great player again. Darren Sproles, a player our defense STILL cant tackle, is older than AP and no one questions his ability. But, sound argument if you look in terms of the possible downside. But, the upside is better, IMO. Thanks!
  15. This is a very interesting phenomenon. I remember coming to this forum when Dwight Freeney was cut. And there was hardly a comment at all about it. Whether we all knew it was going to happen or not, the fact that the guy was, at the time, the best colts DE in terms of sacks. I'd never seen so little regard or respect for someone that provided such significant impact to this team. Yet when this guy gets cut, three pages of objections, lamentations and love pour out to him, which is so wonderful. But, really, what did he actually do at ANY time FOR the Colts organization to warrant such adulatio
  16. Thanks, man. I should have known better. My bad
  17. Dude. Why did you pick me, among MANY other people speaking their minds in here, to attack in that way? Maybe the person with the chip isn't the one that's worn a DOD uniform before. Seems you have a problem with me making a point that I feel strongly and have some credibility about. And having service members IN YOUR FAMILY, as most people do, DOESN'T indicate YOUR true level of respect for anyone. If you CHOSE to take my statement, which I pointed out was MY OPINION, to mean that I felt I knew more than anyone else, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. I have the right to do
  18. Its all good, man. Looking forward to interacting with you in the future. And btw, that WAS kinda funny, the Col Jessup reference. PEACE!
  19. HahaHa! Yeah, Im feeling it! Land of the Free, Home of the Brave where everyone is subject to attack from all fronts. Gotta be Gung ho in here! Bring it on! You're welcome, man, Thanks for that.
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