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T-Minus 27 hrs and counting!



Good day colt fans, Sunday is approaching fast and as a life time colts fan I write my thoughts! Trust me when I say, I would love to see our beloved team win the SB, however this wish will become just another pipe dream! We will never win a championship with the current front office and coaching staff! It's appalling when you read the latest moves or trades by the great Grison and hate to say but New owenership wouldn't hurt as well, not to judge but, the poor man has a drug and alcohol problem and focus not present at all, I mean come on man, you a billionaire and can't cant take a cab or car service, not good, indicate of the trades and FA signings of late! We have a 50% chance of victory against a lowly Cinn. Team, but after that, forget about it! To sum up, A. Coaching. B no OL. C. No running game,D. QB overrated, but I love his heart!

I love coach Pagano heart, but the guy is a DC and Pep was hired because of Andrew! I've seen two SB victories as a Colt fan, one against Dallas and Chicago! I'll be 61 in a few days and I would hope before I leave this wonderful world there may be another one for me and colt fans! We all begin with high hopes and thoughts of rasing another Lumbardy throphie! So I pray for Devine intervention Sunday and beyond! I will always be a horseshoe fan! Go Colts!!!!


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