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Week 1 to week 16, Pagano says the same thing at each presser, "we have to fix......" Can he do it in less than 12 days before play-offs? I think not. Grigson has a total of 16 draft choices on this roster, THE LOWEST IN THE LEAGUE!!!! Talent is not his strong suit, e.g. T.Rich. We have yet another in a long line of outstanding QB's who will go down in flames because we never seem to have the management in place to build a team around them that endures e.g. The Patriots.


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Maybe we should hire Jim Harbaugh as HC he knows everything about Luck and Rex Ryan as DC and give Grigs the big boot out of Indy

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I have been saying this about Pagano and Grigson for awhile and been getting nothing but grief  thank's I feel Luck will just be wasting his time with these clowns

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