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First half breakdown-offense



QB: Can't play much better than Luck has to this point, #1 in the NFL in attempts, completions, yards and TD's (#7 in rating) and is on pace to break, or at least threaten the all-time yearly marks in all of those categories

(-) there have been a few questionable throws and at times, hasn't looked sharp, but I guess that's life in the NFL and in year #3, is already considered one of the best in the NFL

RB: Both Richardson and Bradshaw, if nothing else, will give you 100%, every time their number is called, both have been productive running and maybe even moreso, catching the ball, they are both right around 400 yards rushing for the year, Bradshaw (4th in the AFC in TD's) is on pace to shatter the NFL record for TD receptions from a RB, Herron has played well, when he has got reps

(-) there have been a few turnovers, but nothing to be concerned about, sometimes you just have to go down, whether it's lack of confidence in the line or.......the oft referred to, balanced attack, hasn't been very balanced

TE: Allen and Fleener have both played great, Allen is becoming one of the best and most complete TE's in the league and Fleener is always going to be a matchup problem for defenses and a great complimentary player, because they are both quality receivers, their individual numbers won't compare to other TE's , on teams that don't have the endless options this team has. Doyle is valuable backup, who is very versatile

(-) Fleener has had issues hanging on the the ball, at times-lately, he has done a better job

WR: Hilton has become the man/ghost, Reggie is still Mr dependable and far from done, Nicks has been seldom needed and Whalen is just insurance and gets few reps, Moncrief is probably going to get more and more reps, as the season goes on and will team with Hilton, in the future to be a dynamic duo. Hilton is 3rd in the AFC in receptions (1 behind Sanders) and 2nd in yards.

OL: The biggest question mark, entering the season, has been up and down (more up) there has been the usual turnover, due to injuries and a revolving door, at Center. Castonzo and Cherlious have played at a high level, Harrison seems to be settling in at Center, Mewhart has not been overmatched (as a rookie). The hope is that they remain healthy and the same 5 can finish out the year and should get better, as the year goes on

(-) Luck, as he has since entering the league, gets hit way too often, the pass blocking, seems to be better, than the run blocking, but at times, they have been good and not so good, at both

Summary: #1 in the NFL, in total yards,passing yards and scoring and considering the non balanced attack, a respectable 14th in rushing. Luck is playing great, has multiple weapons at every position, if the line stays healthy and gets better......the sky is the limit! they are the best in the league, at this time and there is plenty of room to grow. The friendly fire (turnovers and penalties) is a little more than is wanted, but they will always play hard and fight and more often, than not, can overcome those mistakes.

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