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Colts/steelers-there will be days like this ( that bad-really?)



After a 5 game winning streak, the bubble burst-bigtime...not a whole lot can be said in a game like that, a 100 %-complete-total domination, by the steelers offensive and defensive lines, I guess on the bright side, it says a lot about the amount of skilled position players this team has, when your lines are dominated in that manor and you still have a fighting chance to win in the 4th quarter. Over the past 10-15 years, there is a common theme, when we play (good) teams that play a 3-4 defense, there are very often....struggles.

Offense: In a game when you are 2-3 scores down, most of the game, your (passing) numbers are going to look very good.....Luck (26-45-400-3 TD'S) was only sacked 2 times, but was under pressure, pretty much every snap, big games from Hilton (6-155-TD) and Moncrief (7-113-TD) Allen added a TD, although 8 receivers caught passes, even with Reggie out, Nicks (1-27) was a non factor and Fleener was even moreso (1-4). The RB'S totaled 37 yards, which is also a result of the score. 448 total yards looks good , until you see how many the defense gave up and the time of pocession was reversed with the steelers having a 40-20 edge.

Defense: pretty ugly is what comes to mind....639 total yards, roethlisberger flirted with the NFL record for most passing yards-ever, 9-14 on 3/4th downs, ZERO sacks and not sure there was even a pressure and 51 points-ouch!! Big plays from Butler and Studabaker getting forced fumbles late in the game to give the offense a chance to try to pull it out

Special teams: the 1 bright spot, as they continued to excell...coverage units and the kicking game

( Whalen needs to be removed)

Summary: what does this all mean? probably not much, but when both lines are dominated like that, by a team, that really hasn't played all that well, all year, it's not a good sign

next up: monday night football vs the "other" Manning

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