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Indianapolis Colts
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Looks good. Just don't change things too drastically. The Colts have the best looking uniforms in the league. Really hate some of the new helmuts with the flat colors like the Vikings had last year.

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I don't see a difference. Didn't they wear the blue pants a bit back in the 80's or early 90's? I don't see anything wrong with them either. The Colts uniforms already are old school enough, keep 'em that way!

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I LOVE the fact that we are one of the only teams to really stay with the "classic" colts look,  but I'd also LOVE to see us get a 3rd alternate jersey, somthing just off the wall different.  a powder blue, or blackout jersey.  Something that is different, and says... "welcome to the Thunderdome (bleep)!!!!


I do like the  blue pants though

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