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Clark, Brackett, And Addai Go With Manning!



Seems as though that the Colts and the rest of the staff and players. Are cleaning out house. As they got rid of Dallas Clark, Gary Brackett, and Joseph Addai. As seems that they all went with Manning. Not the same team of course. But they hopefully will land on their feet with other teams. Good luck to them. It has been such a great ride. Hope they all land on their feet again.


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Don't think there is any team that can afford them all but one that can get Manning, Wayne, and Clark will be contenders for sure!!

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going to miss Clark alot! I wonder if he'll continue to play? Brackett is such a good guy, he should also land on his feet. I think it will be harder for Addai, considering his injury record. I wish them all well!

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Yes, even if Brackett, Addai, & Clark find new football homes, the hardest part of being released is having to prove your worth to a new locker room all over again. Not to mention getting acclumated to a whole new city, school, & family life in a fresh new zip code. Good luck gentlemen...May you all land softly & safely on your NFL feet.

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