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Congrats to Manning on Third Super Bowl Reach!



Congrats on Peyton and the third Super Bowl that he is going to in NY. Hope that he wins it. As this could be his last game. As hope that if it is, he will ride off into the sunset! Like his boss and friend, John Elway did back in the late 1990s! Good luck Peyton!

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I hope Peyton wins....I believe the kid from Wisconsin is better in Cold weather.


I will be looking at the weather for the Super Bowl!  Could be interesting.  :)

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I was a Colts fan until Irsay got rid of him.  I left Indiana for Oregon and am now a Broncos fan.  So are so many people here.  While some may say that Indy had to do it, what are you going to say when Peyton becomes the best quarterback to have ever played the game?  You just don't get rid of someone who has given so much.  What are you going to say if he wins back to back Superbowls.  Sure you have Luck, but what are you going to say if Luck runs out and gets injured?  He is a good quarterback, but I don't see a Peyton Manning in him. It's like a teacher that is made teacher of the year and then gets canned due to budget cuts.  That's crazy.  Where is loyalty in Indy?  I'm glad Denver has him and he is with a team that truly respects him.  All I can say to Irsay is Karma, Karma, Karma...I see Indy on the downhill slide.  Good luck Peyton!!  You deserve it. Genuine  best wishes to Luck for a great career.  Irsay...Karma, baby, Karma.

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