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How could Irsay be so stupid to let the best player the Colts ever had go? It shows he doesn't know how to run a NFL football team and should sell the Colts to someone who knows how to run one. I have been a Colts team for over 35 years but will not ever pull for the Colts again if they do really let Peyton go!!!!

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I agree, I am so bummed about Peyton leaving the Colts... I will never watch football again... it was all about the money, there is truely no loyalty in the NFL... and the agents caused it all with their negotiations... I'm done...

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Silly over-reactions. This is a business - every single player and owner is "in it" for a combination of money, ego, and and insane need to compete. Warm and fuzzy human feelings are largely irrelevant, yet ironically were blatantly on display today.

There is also a thing called a salary cap - meaning that the teams spend the same amount of money every year regardless. Irsay didn't make this decision to save money. Short-term, he will make LESS money with Peyton gone. He's thinking long-term, however. That's his responsibility as the steward of the franchise.

You need to calm down and evaluate the circumstances fairly. Over the next few years I'll be paying as much attention to Peyton's team as I will be to the Colts, but I'm choosing to view that as having twice the fun. I've been a Colts fan since I was about 6-7 years old, and this is FAR from the worst thing we've been subjected to. The idea of abandoning the team is just silly.

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Thanks MAC. Totally agree. Been a fan since I was 4!! 1958!! Will this stop me from being a Colts Fan?? That's a STUPID question. I'm actually excited for the new season to begin!! Can it be any worse than then last? I doubt it. Plus I've prepared myself for this for years and knew it was coming.

Anybody who would not follow the Colts anymore because of this was never a Colts fan to begin with???? Maybe just a bandwagoneer jumper or just a Manning fan and afraid to to lose?????

For me it's, TOO DEATH DO US PART!!!!!!

GO COLTS IN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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