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This Team needs help!



The Colts have been outscored 49-3 in the first half of the last two games.....Peps play calling is better in the second half because he finally realized that we cannot run the ball. Pass first then run because once the defense plays deeper then it will (help) open up the run.....For those hating on T-Rich....Donald Brown finished with negative yards.....Adrian Peterson would be lucky to find a whole on this line....Pep needs to find some different plays to start the game or we will be playing from behind every game.....The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, and this offense has sucked the WHOLE year in the first half so when is somebody gonna do something about!

Also why is that the past 2 weeks we let 1 guy beat us......Andre Johnson 3 touchdowns.....Tavon Austin 3 touchdowns.... Our defense is getting BURNED by these receivers, are we gonna adjust or should people start Kenny Britt on there fantasy team and expect 3 touchdowns from him. I am sorry to vent I am a huge Colts fan but that game yesterday was god awful, WORST GAME under Pagano!!!


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Worst game under any Colts coach. I thought Pagano was a defensive coach you could have fooled me. I see the same problems, can't stop the run that the move to the 3/4 defense was going to stop.

What upsets me is how unprepared this team looks so often.

Come on, my dog knew Quinn was going to eat Castonzo alive.

This summer I watched this Colts site and saw Castonzo talking like he could actually block someone. I thought, show me.

Our OL has much better depth so if anyone gets hurt, not to worry.

So Donald Thomas gets hurt and he being a sixth round pick who has never started that many games for anyone and is now a key reason why our OL has fallen from the heights. WHAT

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Yes, that was an ugly game. There is a feeling that the team doesnt respond well or respect Coach Pagano very much. Thats a bad omen going into games that matter later in the season. But, I just feel that they had an emotional let down and the Rams came in there wanting to  prove a point, maybe anticipating that the Colts were expecting them to just lay down and do what everyone expected them to do and thats lose. The Rams get paid, too and came in with passion, something the Colts need to bring week in and week out. Im pretty sure they wont have another perfect game like that again this season.

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