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My Last Year As A Fan



I became a member of this forum to let anyone who cares in the colt's nation, that I will no longer be a colt fan. Some may not care, but others may feel the same way. We all know how everyone felt when Joe Montana was let go, it didn't seem possible. We all know that Bret Favre should have retired a Packer. But anyone with any sense whatsoever knows that Peyton Manning was the Indianapolis Colts. Without him Lucas Oil Stadium would never have existed, there would have been no Super Bowl in Indy, and perhaps Jim Irsay's head would not have grown so large that he now looks like a bobble head doll. Where is the respect? Indy is not New York or Dallas, we are supposed to be the heartland of America. I am sorry that I have cheered this team for so long. I am sorry I have bought tickets to fatten Jim's wallet. I hope the fans in Indiana can find a team worthy of their respect and enthusiasm. I just hope it is not one owned by Jim Irsay.


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I agree that the colts should keep Peyton, but the 49ers did just fine after Joe Montana. Why? Because they won with Steve Young, and if the Colts win with Luck all will be fine in colt nation. Peyton will still go down as the best Colt ever and he will be in the ring of honor soon after he retires.

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That's fine. We will keep on winning without you. Colts don't need fair weather fans. This is the best decision for Manning to chase a Superbowl with a team not in rebuilding, its only fair to him. He owes the Colts nothing, and definitely not ruin his last chances for a Superbowl by just trying to get the Colts to 8-8 staus quo in his upcoming las 2 years of play

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San Fran won with Steve Young because he studied under Joe Montana. He even said that on ESPN tonight when asked about what he would do if he was the Colts owner. He has been for the idea of keeping both QBs from the beginning. I do know that next year will be an NCAA football year for me. It will be too awkward to see Luck under center and Peyton in another city.

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I agree. Colts fan no more and I'm not fair weather. I'm LOYAL. That is something Jim Irsay doesn't know anything about.

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Been a fan since I was 4!! 1958!! Will this stop me from being a Colts Fan?? That's a STUPID question. I'm actually excited for the new season to begin!! Can it be any worse than then last? I doubt it. Plus I've prepared myself for this for years and knew it was coming.

Anybody who would not follow the Colts anymore because of this was never a Colts fan to begin with???? Maybe just a bandwagoneer jumper or just a Manning fan and afraid to to lose?????

For me it's, TILL DEATH DO US PART!!!!!!

GO COLTS IN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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