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  1. Irsay stated publicly Manning could stay if he restructured his contract. It was Manning that chose to go, at least get it right. Manning wanted to leave us because we were overblown cap to even sustain him and all the other contracts. Irsay was smart and 100% right to let Manning choose to go. It was Mannings decision, not Irsay's. But it just happened to benefit us most that Manning left, because now we can start over with Luck.
  2. That's fine. We will keep on winning without you. Colts don't need fair weather fans. This is the best decision for Manning to chase a Superbowl with a team not in rebuilding, its only fair to him. He owes the Colts nothing, and definitely not ruin his last chances for a Superbowl by just trying to get the Colts to 8-8 staus quo in his upcoming las 2 years of play
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