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Colts trade for reciever?



I see the Colts trading for Justin Blackmon Jags or Greg Little from Browns, they are young talented and won't cost as much to acquire as some of the others that (MAY) be on the trading block. I could see them not getting anyone and letting the season play out also (Brazil, Whalen, Rogers all have potential), but that just doesn't seem to fit Grigs aggressive style. I know fans don't want to part with picks but I would rather part with a pick for a proven player than to take a gamble on one that might not work out, Wayne is nearing the end and having another stud receiver won't hurt things for next year, DHB will be a free agent next year also. Any thoughts on who the Colts may or may not pick up???


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Guest TeamLoloJones


Blackmon would be very expensive (picks wise) and Greg Little is horrible.

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No trades, probably for the better......Only 4 teams averaged less passes per game than the Colts anyways, Whalen is gonna be just fine.....Next man up!!!!!!

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