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Landry and Bradhaw



I think the Colts are being mum about how injured both players are....Landry injured his ankle 4 days short of 3 weeks ago, I heard nothing about the type of injury (ankle day to day is all). Bradshaw I have heard nothing about it (except for neck day to day) I don't even think they know what is causing the discomfort...I thought we were in the day of age where you go to locker room and get MRI and find out what the issue pretty quickly......These injuries are frustrating!!! Hopefully we can battle out a few wins and go into the bye 6-2.....5 -3 won't be to shabby considering who we have to play the next 4 weeks, then get healthy for a playoff run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I think that we are spending money on Landry (who is our next Bob Sanders, remember him?) and isn't playing - remember when "Bob" was our fearless guy?  Then when they inserted him into a secondary that was playing good without him, we would lose, have same feeling about Landry.. what say you?

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The way he plays will be lucky if he plays 8 games a year I don't no how his contract works but in the end I don't think he will be worth it

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A lot of these off season additions can be let go, I don't think they have too much guaranteed....Landry is injury prone, after this terrible game I am thinking O-line and O-coordinator!  The defense gave up yards but kept us in this game....

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