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Another INJURY...............................................



Werner out 4-6 weeks, Havili's sprained ankle, Bradshaw's neck issue????, add that to the other bunch that has been hurt this year and we are starting to run really thin a lot of positions. Start feeding these guys some vitamins or something, I realize we are not the only team banged up but this is getting ridiculous!!!! We are still playing great, I can only imagine what we would play like with our full team. Havili is a big loss, considering our new RB has been with us about a week and now we have a new FB to block and make holes for him, and have Seattle come to town. We need a BIG defensive effort!!!!!

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I just hope the OL does not get more of a bug....we will be hurting.  Cannot afford losses.  The schedule is tough enough!!!  

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Agree Optimus. Maybe the injury to Landry will light a fire under the man who steps in. Landry is a bust and I would love to see him kicked off the team. Irsay has balls and I'll support that decision 100%. As for Bradshaw, he basically was the reason for why we won vs the 49ers. I believe his injury was game related and he has my respect if he needs season ending surgery. 'Butt' if we get some divine Intervention, lighting candles now, Bradshaw will be back for the Broncos game and he'll again prove he's a MONSTER NFL RB.

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